The Starting points.

Bryan comes from a rough family, Mother passed away, drunken father, Drug addict Brother and a sister who moved to Japan to get away from her family. Bryan was quite a mis treated soul, till he was introduced to "wrestling". It all started in Texas Grand Wrestling, A Backyard wrestling Federation, the only place where he can get away from it all. He first stated off as "The Glory" Bill Grace, Grace is basically what started the whole wrestling crave for Kutterman.

Kutterman got bored of TGW and went onto looking for a new federation, somewhere where he can dish out pain. After months of searching, he went to A indie wrestling program named WWHW ((World Wide Hardcore Wrestling)). Kutterman fell in love with the brutality, the blood, twisted matches that WWHW showed. As soon as the show was done, Kutterman ran threw the back stage to find owner ((Josh)). Kutterman begged for A chance to wrestle, problem was that He had no experience, the only thing he did was wrestler in A back yard. Josh allowed him to have A match IF he was trained by A current WWHW super star, Iron. Kutterman started off with the name “Punisher” on his first couple of months in WWHW, his first match was with Jose Boom. ((Also new to WWHW.)) Punisher Lost his first match, that didn’t stop him. He trained more and more, had a couple of ?dark matches? before he entered the ring. This time with A tag Partner.

[[Image:Iron and Kutterman formed A faction called “Hate Krew” and set to fight in the tag division. There first match was with Suppa Pimp and (X)plosion, It was Kutterman’s first win in WWHW…Well, with some help. After A month and A half ((Around that time, maybe more? Memory is rusty.)) Iron and Kutterman Beat Jack Dream and fears (Or was it Tears? Hmm..)) for the tag titles. It was A “Upset” match, Kutterman and Iron held the titles for A good time ((I think it was A month?)) Until losing it to the ?Kings of the Tag Division?, DA M.o.B ((Mafias Original Bodyguards)). Kutterman didn’t let this pull him down, he split up with Iron and he went different ways. Kutterman went straight for the newer division, the hardcore title. Kutterman launched himself into the division and went straight for the champion, Daniel James Blackie.

WWHW, Birth of Hardcore.

Josh gave Kutterman a chance, only ONE chance. Kutterman fought Daniel James, of course, Blackie put Kutterman threw 15 mins of pure hell. Kutterman was blooded, broken and ripped apart by Daniel. The whole match went down with not one pin from Daniel, he hardly even LET Kutterman get the offensive. Kutterman was knocked out cold while DJ stomped away on his lifeless body, but hope was not lost. Iron ran out of the back to defend his friend, both the giants fought each other while Kutterman was knocked out. Iron threw Daniel all around the ring before hitting a Black hole slam ((Iron man Slam)), laying him out. Iron then dragged the out cold Kutterman on top of him. Thus making Kutterman the NEW hardcore champ. Kutterman was still knocked out and blooded, Iron standing tall over both men. DJ Black was slowly coming to, getting up and seeing Kutterman on top of him. DJ exploded and got up and over powered Iron and knocked him on the jaw with closed fist shots. Security stormed the ring and ripped Blackie off Iron, at this time, Kutterman got to and say what has happen. He got the title, but Iron suffered SERIOUS injury to his jaw. Blackie was suspended from the hardcore division for his acts.

Kutterman didn’t let that get to him, during the match, He suffered several concussions, stitches nearly covering his forehead and a couple fractured ribs. The only thing that was holding Kutterman from going back to defend his newly won title was the head injuries. Kutterman waited for 2 weeks before entering the ring, his first title was with ?The Kamakaz? Mister Yuaza.

Yuaza was only in WWHW for only A month, but made A impact with his strange methods of wrestling. Kutterman entered the ring with his ribs still recovering from his last match while Yuaza didn’t have A mark on him. Both men went at it, Yuaza using his marshal arts back round, often kicked Kutterman in his ribs. Yuaza was more “quicker?” then Bryan, but that didn’t hold Bryan back. Kutterman evened out the score with his advantage with the one thing he could use better than Yuaza. Weapons. Kutterman hammered Yuaza right in the back of the head with a Steel base ball bat, the whole match went down hill from there, Kutterman pinned Yuaza after hitting A Reversed DDT onto A set up steel chair.

Kutterman won his first title match, but it wasn’t over there. Kutterman met A new rival while walking out of the arena. In the parking lot he was JUMPED by A “WWHW Vet“, Kutterman was thrown all over the parking lot, having some of his stitches re-open. The attacker would be one of the greatest rivals in his career. “Madman” Stan.

Kutterman was busted up and left in a small pool of his own blood in the parking lot while ?Madman? Stan was tossed out the arena. Kutterman challenged Stan for his Hardcore title. The matched happen on the next weekly show, Stan, being more faster, experienced and deadly then Kutterman took him down easily. Kutterman lost the title with only holding it for ATLEST a month. Kutterman was overly pissed off of how he was beaten, so he used his title contract to get the rematch he wanted .But it would be in A PPV named ?Savior, Unknown.? Kutterman challenged him to A match he made himself.. The Steel cage mayhem.

The match was set, both Him and Stan where going to fight inside A nearly 30 foot steel cage with ALL sorts of weapons hanging from the steel cage itself. Both men fought each other, beating each other down with anything they could get there hands on. The match itself was bloody as it can get. Both men where beaten into A pulp until Kutterman, using the last of his strength, hit an Even flow DDT onto a bed of barbed wire, Kutterman PINNED Stan on top of the barb wire bed, winning back his title.

The cage was lifted, Stan back was ripped into shreds, small scratches all over himself because of the razor sharp barb wire. Kutterman stood A blooded man until an ?old friend? stormed the ring. Iron, now knowned as “Ivan” rushed into the ring and attacked the already blooded Kutterman. Ivan hit Kutterman with A dead punch right on the chin, knocking him out in the middle of the ring, right next to Stan.

This lead to the battle of friends, Iron/Ivan vs. Kutterman. Both men met 3 weeks after Steel Cage mayhem at Savior, unknown. Both men entered the ring, Kutterman brought A steel chair with him, Ivan brought nothing but his bare hands. Both men fought each other, Kutterman had A mission, Destroy he monster and bring back his friend. Kutterman, after 5 minutes in the ring was ALREADY busted up due to the raw power Ivan had. Kutterman didn’t attack Ivan head on, he just hit Ivan in the head with the chair on any chance he had. After at lest 8 bone crushing chair shots to the head, Ivan was down and out, Kutterman pinned the monster and was able to pick up a win! Ivan was knocked out!

Kutterman got up, but his joy was cut due to WWHW boss came out and told Kutterman the hardcore division was to ?Dangerous? even for WWHW, so Josh had no choice but to SUSPEND the title. Kutterman just walked out of WWHW with the title over his shoulder. He didn’t say A word, he just walked out.

A Taste of BTWF.

During Kutterman’s early run in WWHW, he was also apart of Richards Blade’s Barton Town Wrestling Federation, were Kutterman got his “Big Break”. Kutterman had VERY Little Experience during his early days. Still going by the wrestling name “The Punisher”, Kutterman found Enemies in A Matter of hours while joining The BTWF. Kutterman was teased due to his in-experience by one of BTWF’s Talent, Pohatu. Both men battled backstage for four days before A match was booked. Pohatu had two of his friends, Drizzle and Shady while Kutterman joined A Small Faction made of The Kat and Wild Wolf for the first ever Neo Fighters. Kutterman only stepped into the ring ONCE in that match. It was really better that way, Most due to Kutterman not being trained the right way. Kutterman’s Team lost that match, but Then Kutterman was booked again in A Singles match with one of BTWF’s newer wrestlers, Eclipse.

Threw out the whole match, Kutterman was beaten down threw most of the match. But Kutterman jus kept getting up and coming at Eclipse with nearly everything he had. Things went Sour when Kutterman’s Rival, Pohatu, Interfered not once but Twice. The first time was to distract the Ref when Kutterman his finisher, The Punishment, on Eclipse. The Second time was After the match, when Kutterman Finally beat Eclipse with A surprise School Boy. Pohatu beat the already tired Kutterman, busting him open. Kutterman received 5 stitches due to this beating he have received. Kutterman wasn’t done yet, He was then booked in A match, Finally, one on one with Pohatu. But Pohatu broke one of the rules that Brian Blade as stated, obey the rules. The Punisher was SUPPOSE to win the match, But Pohatu broke that rule and decided to beat down the Punisher, making the whole match A Joke. Because of this Action, Pohatu was suspended on the spot. But thing’s didn’t end there, only A day after the match, Kutterman was made fun of By one of BTWF’s Rising Stars, Kurt “Rocky” Ridgeway. Ridgeway cut A promo on The Punisher, trashing the in-experienced wrestler and making fun of his sloppy wrestling style and lack of Promo Skills. But, once Again, Kutterman stepped up to the challenge that stood before him. Kutterman was then Booked to face his new Foe on the next show.

The match itself was one of Kutterman’s Best, at the time. Kutterman resorted to using Hellish tactics by Nailing Rocky in the back of the head with A Baseball bat when the ref was knocked out by A spear by Rocky. Rocky managed to get busted open with the bat, but still managed to kick out of the Bat Shot and even won the match with His Finisher, The Jack Hammer. Kutterman, once again, was left in defeated again. But Kutterman was looking for revenge, thus Brain Blade booked A Hardcore bout for the next BTWF Madness.

Kutterman Brought A duffle bag filled with weapons to the ring for this match, his Arsenal stretching from Lead pipes, Baseball bats and other metallic weapons. Kutterman spent some of the match bashing said weapons onto the body of Rocky, busting him open for the second time in A week. But Rocky just keep getting up, trying to fight off Kutterman. Both men battled for control of this brawl until Kutterman got the upper hand and bashed A steel bat right into Rocky’s forehead, causing him to be knocked out cold. Rocky then had to be escorted out of the arena, suffering A minor Concussion.

Rocky Ignored the injury, and showed up for the next show on madness, an 10 man battle royal to find out who would face BTWF’s Gaia Champion, Steve Twist on the Up Coming PPV, Fade to Black. Ironically enough, the last two men inside the ring was Rocky And Kutterman. The Battle Royal ended when Rocky picked the bigger Kutterman over his head and threw him over the top rope, having Kutterman land on nothing but thin padding. Kutterman suffered A Bruised rib after this spot, to avoid it from becoming much more serious then it already was. Kutterman was forced to take the week off from this. After A week of taking A break, Kutterman then claimed that he was Cheated out of his first BTWF title shot and demanded that he got what he wanted. But BTWF’s owner, Brian Blade, Ignored what Kutterman was saying mostly because he was still new to the game.

Kutterman was flaming pissed at Blade’s action, and secretly made A plan that would get him A title shot, Hurting people. Kutterman figured that if he were to hurt people and not stop until it was given to him, he would get the title shot. During A tag match were Kutterman was forced to team up with the rival that he slowly started to hate, Rocky, facing BTWF’s Gaia Champion Steve Twist And Up and Comer, Raymond Kage. It didn’t take long for the match itself to be engulfed by pure anarchy, Rocky forcing Kutterman to tag him in, Raymond Kage getting more pissed off with Steve not hearing what he had to say and Kutterman just getting fed up with everything that Rocky was giving him. The Match ended in DQ when Kutterman Busted his Signature Steel Bat over the head of Raymond Kage. Kutterman didn’t stop, fueled by hatred and anger, he exploded on everyone inside the ring, clubbing everyone in sight with his bat. Once Kutterman leveled ANYONE who got in his way, Brian Blade came out and announced that if Kutterman was going to continue to act like this, hurting his workers all over A title shot, he was going to get the title shot in A Four way. The Four way was made, for Fade to Black, The Punisher vs. Steve Twist vs. Rocky. Vs Raymond Kage.

At the time, Fade to Black was two weeks away. Kutterman decided that it was the best thing to do to not show up at the Last two shows leading up to the Pay Per View event. Kutterman felt that it was best to rest up on some of his nagging injuries before heading into A big show like Fade to Black. Kutterman entered Fade To Black, His First BTWF PPV and his first BTWF title shot. Kutterman claims “The pressure was too much for me to handle. But I went out their and did what I had to do.

The match itself was all over the place. From the ring to the outside of the ring. The match got Sour for Kutterma|left|thumb|134px|Bryan Kutterman]]n when Steve Twist, BTWF’s Gaia Champion his A Half Dragon Suplex onto the announcers table. The Spot itself was botched, The only thing that hit the table was the back of Kutterman’s head. Kutterman was Left in the remains of the table threw A good deal of the match because he had suffered A pretty nasty Stinger because of the Spot. Things only go worse, once Kutterman came too and got into the ring, he was Met with A Sunset Flip Pile driver from the hands of Steve Twist, getting dropped straight on his head for the second time in the match. These two things alone brought up A strong hatred for Steve and Kutterman. Kutterman Got up once again, fight back with the likes of Raymond Kage. Kutterman went toe-to-toe with Kage, Stinger and all. Rocky had his hands full with Steve Twist. Both Kage and Kutterman just hammered each other until Kage went down after A SUPER Stiff right punch to the face. Kutterman staggered back into the ropes and let Steve and let Rocky and got at it. Rocky fate was the same as Kage’s, tossed to the outside. The match slowly came into an end after Steve blocked The Punishers Finisher (Diamond Cutter) and hit him with his finisher, A Spring board Stunner. Steve pinned A nearly broken Necked Kutterman to retain his title.

(Sadly, I am cutting the Bio short. Mostly because this ha happen over 2 years ago and I don’t remember much about the past. I might add on later, mostly to give A better view. Maybe add some into Promos?”


As of now, Kutterman is on the active EPW Roster, under the name "Madman" Kutterman. Bryan, In total, has had three matches. As of now, Bryan is currently aiming to accomplish two things, Win EPW's Deathmatch title AND become A "King of the Death Match". The future if Bryan is currently unknowing. But he claims "-7 will be A year that will be filled with blood, violence and hate for EPW."

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