Wrestler name:Mike Widdows

Wrestler ring name:"The Prototype" Mike Widdows

Poser (Base pic): Randy Orton

Wrestler height: 6,3

Wrestler weight: 243 Pounds

Wrestler hometown: Sheffield,England

Birthday:28 May 1987

Trained by: Roy Woods

Wrestling influence: British Bulldog,The Rock,Stone Cold,Harley Race,Triple H,Chris Beniot and Shawn Michaels

Wrestling style: Grappler

Entrance music: "When The Sun Goes Down" By Arctic Monkeys

Entrance motion:

Alignment (Face, Tweener, Heel): Face

Finishers (Be original on the names): The Prototype-Canadian Destroyer

Favourite moves (at least 8): Dropkick,Suplex,Punch,Toe Kick,Spinebuster,Irish Whip,Facebuster,Knee To The Head(Triple H's)


E-fedding debut: September 2004


WWC World Champion x6 WWC Wrestler Of The Year 2005

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