Chris Carson

One of the more notorious brawlers in e-federation history, Chris Carson (a.k.a. "The Creep") is perhaps also one of the more underrated ones, as his accolades are far outnumbered by his rivalries. Often marching to his own drummer, Carson's nickname — "The Creep" — does not always reflect his popularity. His attitude has always been one of a rebel, but the direction of his anger has either lifted his popularity to that of a superstar or to that of one of the most hated roughnecks that has wrestled.

Carson gained recognition as a smarmy good-for-nothing in Maximum Risk Wrestling and Totally Wild Wrestling, but his true success came from his success as a major face in Xtreme World Wrestling. His success in XWW has not been equaled since a two-month reign as the XWW World Champion to close out 2001; since then, Carson has teased retirement and returns for six years, but his latest stint with Sin Wrestling may be evidence that Carson has recovered from the injuries that once threatened his career years ago.


Christopher Carson was born March 1, 1974 in Boston, the only son to a couple who had met and married in Massachusetts. While Carson had known about the identity and whereabouts of his father, a Californian who left his mother when he was quite young, Carson has yet to tell the media who he was, only suggesting that his father had died long before his career began.

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