Wrestlers Name - "The Eliminator" Zachary

Your Forum Name - Straight-Edge Zach

Hometown - Melbourne, Australia

Hight - 6'2

Weight - 230 pounds

WRESTLING STYLE - Technical, Brawling, Power

PERSONALITY - Angry, Jackass, Joker, Massive EGO

Gimmick - A former amateur wrestler with a massive ego.

Finisher name and description - Total Elimination (Lifts Opponent into a fireman carry then spins them and hits a DDT), Sharpshooter, One Shot Kill (Gore)

Signature move and description - German Suplex, Release German Suplex, Triple Non-Release German Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Snap Suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, Dragon Suplex, T-Bone Suplex, Powerbomb, Superkick, Big Boot, Straight-Edge Chop (Knife-Edge Chop), Elimination (DDT), Moonsalt, Diving Shining Wizard, Flying Clothesline (running), Leg Breaker, Chop Block, STO.

Theme Song- "Always" by Saliva


CGS the company where Zachary (then known as SeZach) made his in ring debut. Zachary started his career by pissing off everyone he could, resulting in a mini feud with Joe Morgan and members of the Storme Stable. Zach lost in his debut match against Joe Morgan and Black Dagger in a triple threat tables match. Zachary and Black Dagger decided to team against the Storme Stable creating the team known as the D.O.D along with The Predator. Zachary was on a losing streak. Folloing a major beat down from the Storme Stable Zachary and the D.O.D broke up. On his PPV debut Zachary won a 15 man battle royal featuring such stars as The Sound, Steve Storme and STL. SeZach then changed his name to "The Eliminator" Zachary in tribute to his first win. In the following months Zachary improved his RP skilld and moved up the ladder eventually challenging for the CGS Heavyweight Championship. Although Zach did not get the title he did go on to win the CGS US championship form then champion Joshua Banks.

Zachary joined ROG as a cocky jobber hopeing to get his first win. After a while Zachary started teaming with Tristan Rampage as a jobbing team. The team did massively improve and have even ern't themselves a tag-team title shot.

FWA is the newest company Zachary has joined. The company has not yet gotten world wide recognition but Zachary will soon put them on the map. Zachary is one of the FWA wrestlers involved in the World Title Tournament.

Zachary's in ring debut in the XCL was in the Gold Rush tournament to crown the first ever XCL World champion. Zachary was eliminated in the first round by Cyanide.


1 Time CGS US Champion (current)

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