Jake Iggy was an efed character in many promotions to name most notably UCW, UEW and WAF. The character changed a lot of times. It was originally a comedy character in the now defunt EWO. The character would often make jokes at others characters expense but get really mad at certain things. Jake Iggy later joined two federations NSW(failure) and WAF(Success). he kept the same character he used in EWO in NSW but made some changes in WAF. The changes included making the character more extreme and vicous and even adding a bit of highflying, New finisher called the Kick of Fury (Scissors Kick) and True Furie (now forgotten. he later joined UCW where he won the European champion and only lost one match in his stay. he later joined UEW following the same character style in WAF except he had now added a photobase (Jin Kazama from tekken). He then joined 3W a fed created by TheClevelandCrippler (a member of the TNA iMPACT! Community). In 3W he made some adjustments to the character including new moves. After WAF moved to a new forum he changed the finisher to KOF and J-Breaker. he later changed his moves in 3W to Collapse Spear and FuryBomb.

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