"The Man" Ashton Butcher
Ashton Butcher
Real name Ashton Buthcer
Ring Names 'The Man', New Blood member
Height 6ft
Weight 260 Ibs
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Trainer Omega
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Ashton Butcher was a former member of The New Blood faction that used to run riot within TWOStars


Ashton Butcher is a clever technical wrestler with a mean streak. He is a heavyweight, focusing on power and strength, taking his time while he inflicts each beating. What is known by everyone in the business is that he possesses one of the most devastating moves in the sport, the dangerdriver. Ashton Butcher had a troubled childhood, and as a result joined his high school wrestling team. Naturally, he had a gift for wrestling and got to the national finals. Yet he lost on a dodgy points decision, a decision which would change his life forever. Butcher got in such a rage that he caused more than $100,000 dollars worth of damage. Ashton would go on to be banned from amataur wrestling for life. He turned to the pro's, where after some dominating debut performances in the independent circuit, became known simply as 'The Man'. Entrance(s) slow walk to the ring, takes no notice of the fans bad mouthing him, he smiles thinking they adore him (ala JBL). He doesn't need any pyro to show how good he is. Ashton Butcher has plain black trunks, with plain black elbowpads. He will wear his t-shirt to the ring which says 'you're in danger' on the front.

Entrance Music

'Pieces' by dark new day

Signature/Finishing Moves

Signature Move(s) Elbow off the top rope Brainbuster Dangerlock (Lasso form EL Paso)

Finishing Move(s) The Kick (superkick) Dangerdriver (piledriver off the top rope)

Titles Held

TWOStars Tag Champion (W/ Arron Winter) ("lost" to VVV/Holt as they joined the New Blood at MSND '06)

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