Born In Mexico City, New Mexico The Son Of Suevo Antonio Sanchez And Consuela Sanchez Fast Became Fixated With The Sport Where He Has Excelled For The Last Four Years . Adopted By The Wrestling World After His Father's Suicide And Mother's Incarceration In An Insane Asylum Dave Sanchez Or Bullet As He Is Better Known Was Drawn Not Straight Into Professional Wrestling But Into Jujitsu And The World Of Ultimate Fighting . Winning Multiple Trophies And Achieving An Illustrious 6th Dan In His Martial Art Bullet Quickly Captured The Championship For His Weight Class And Defended It Successfully Against All Comers For Over Eight Months Which Still To This Day Remains As The Record For A Reign . After Hearing Of A Training And Developement School For Those Wishing To Pursue A Career Within The Wrestling Industry The Seventeen Year Old Packed His Bags And Headed For California Where He Lived In Sacramento For Two Years Being Trained Under Steve Rodriguez And Managing To Befriend This Man So That He Gained Extra Knowledge . After His Training Was Complete Bullet Built Up His Muscle At The Age Of Nineteen And Headed For The Indpendants Which Engulfed His Town Of Residence But Not Before He Was Sentenced To Serve Seven Months In San Jose's High Security Prison After Being Found In Possession Of Seventeen Grams Of Cocaine And Five Hundred Ecstacy Tablets . Jail Hadn't Been Too Bad In Bullet's Eyes As It Gave Him Tme To Perfect The Psychology Which Has Probably Awarded Him With The Life He Now Lives And Definitely Contributes To His Reputation For Being A Stiff But Phenomenal Worker And Arguably The Most Under-Rated And Rewarded Athlete In The History Of Real International Wrestling .

Ultimate X-Treme Wrestling

Having Searched High And Low For A Company Which Would Allow A Convicted Criminal To Work Within Their Wrestling Shows It Came As A Surprise To The Bubbling Cauldron Of Potential The Was Bullet When He Was Approached By Leading Western Promoter Steve.E.Diamond Who Had Been Scouting The Young Mexican For Several Months . Bullet's Debut Saw Him Open UXW's Litghter's Up Show In Fall Of 2002 By Astonishing The Sixteen Hundred Thousand In Attendance And Pinning One Of UXW's Veteran's After A Stiff Shot Across The Head With A Dixie Club, Thus The Vigilante Gimmick Was Born And So Was Bullet's Success . Achieving The Companies First Triple Crown Honour Under The Alias Of "The Fixer" Bullet Became The Fastest Rising Star To Progress Through The Ranks, Standing As The Proverbial King Of The Castle After Only Six Months Working For The Company . The Miltant Hitman Gimmick Soon Began To Grow Stale As People Grown Bored Of Watching Bullet Perform The Same Terrorisms Several Times Before Finishing His Matches By Handcuffing His Opponent And Kicking Him Vicously In The Skull . Politics For So Long Had Annoyed The Current UXW World And Tag Team Championship Forcing Him To Drop The Belts And Move To A Better Neighbourhood In The Spring Of 2003 In Search Of Bigger And Better Opprtunities .

The House Shows, Progression

Real International Wrestling Was And Arguably Still Is The Most-Respected Promotion In Northern America When Bullet Wrestled A Trial Match, Coming Victorious Over Sebastian Gold . The Contract Was Set In Stone That Bullet Now Was Binded To RIW But Was Still Free To Haul Independent Duty Provided Dates Did Not Clash, This Fact Alone Led To The Birth Of Bullet's Managerial Takedown Of The Killer Wrestling Alliance Who Booked Bullet For Three Shows Then Fired Him For Refusing To Allow His Opponents To Defeat Him . Wrestling Zone Was Another Stepping Stone In Bullet's Career As It Allowed Him To Pick Up Their Coveted United States Championship By Defeating Both Radical And Jayden Thunder Before Feuding With His First Real Friend In The Industry In Dakendo For Several Months And Eventually Deciding To Focus On RIW, Therefore Dropping The Belt To Radical And Leaving The Company In A Gracious Fashion . House Shows Thwarted Bullet's Efforts To Achieve A Big Break As Without A Gimmick The Crowd Did Not Buy Into Him At All Despite Being Described By His Employers As Technically Phenomenal ... And Then El Coro Loco Was Born And He Pursued A Lifestyle Of Drinking Tequila And Being Known For His Fiery Vignettes And Rage Bursts . The Crowd Loved Him And He Loved Them Allowing Him To Approach The Changing Days Ahead With An 11-0 Winning Streak Having Defeated Two-Thirds Of The Roster As Management Altered The Company's Image .

Viva Las Vegas

With Promotion To The Main Show Set In His Sights It Looked As Though Bullet Would Make The Main Show In The Draft When RIW Was Changed Into Magnitude, The Main Televised Show And LVW It's Ohio Valley If You Will . Unfortunately For Bullet However He Was Kept In LVW To Feud With Everlast, Tyson Krifix, Innovator And Mitch Monster Who All In End Were Promoted After Their Respective Times Served . Bullet However Would Not Be So Lucky As Injury And Frustration Struck He Was Forced To Take Several Months Away From The Ring . When Bullet Returned Four Months Later The Company Was Filled With Arrogant Rookies Who Were Quickly Put In Their Rightful Place . Still Receiving No Notice From Management Bullet Instead Decided To Do Some Work For A Friend Of His, One Michael Blazer By Becoming The General Manager Of His Own Pet Project .. The BHWA .

The BrotherHood Wrestling Alliance

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