"The Rated X Superstar" Hutton Brown
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of "The Rated X Superstar" Hutton Brown]]
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Height 6ft 3in
Weight 215 pounds
Date of birth June 22 1984
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Resides Manhatten, NY
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Debut PRW Suberbattle 2007
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Hutton Brown (born June 22, 1984) is a professional wrestler, known currently as the Rated X Superstar. He is currently a superstar of Professional RPG Wrestling.

Early career

Hutton's only history thus far in the wrestling industry was a small stint in Ohio Championship Wrestling. There he joined up with his brother Jake Hunter and his girlfried Ashley Busser to form Phobia. Phobia would go on to compete in singles matches during the first and only Pay-Per-View in OCW, All or Nothing, and each member would go on to capture a championship. Hutton captured the OCW Hardcore Championship, after defeating Rahim Awe in a hardcore match. Hutton's only other match in OCW was an open challenge, issued by the Perfect One, JR Judy, whom defeated Hutton via a Pefrect Slam.

The transition to Rogue

During the time between OCW and PRW, Hutton changed. He became the man known as Rogue, a well dressed and well moraled man, who only spoke when nessecary and seemed emotionless. An "accident" happened during this time that apparently killed Hutton's brother Jake. Hutton blamed his recklessness, and chose to become someone different. Thus he became Rogue. Hutton also claimed that he lost his girlfriend, Ashley Busser, and his best friend in this accident. Ashley Busser is alive, and currently living in Manhattan, New York, and the best friend is unknown.

Professional RPG Wrestling (PRW)

Hutton entered PRW in the beginning of September 2007, and made an imideate impact upon the PRW scene. As Rogue, he entered the Superbattle at Superbattle 2007 8th, and eliminated two competitors before losing his head and leaving the match. He would go on to attack Johnny Valentine for the PRW Cyanide Championship, but would be unsuccessful. He would official bring back the Rated X Superstar in himself, in order to achieve his goal of holding the gold in PRW. As the Superbattle began to wind down, three competitors were left (Art McLellan, "The Godfather" Vinchenzo Savonorola, and Adam Xclusiv). Hutton attempt to eliminate all three men at once but failed. He is currently facing Xclusiv and The Godfather as the Superbattle will shortly come to a close.

Wrestling Information


X-Dominator (F5)
Blackout (Chair Stinger Splash)

Signature Moves

Reverse Backbreaker
European Uppercut Forearm
X-Decimator (Impaler DDT)
X-Attack (Edge-O-Matic)


The Rated X Superstar

Theme Music

Hutton's current theme is "Pigfuck" by Mnemic.

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