Without a doubt one of the most controversial and Limit-breaking superstars on the scene, Franklin Terrance Rogers, better known by his ring name Frankie K. Young, strives to entertain E-fed fans all across the world with his unique style both inside the ring and on the microphone. The former "Stuntman of the Year" currently makes a name for himself as the loud-mouth professional wrestler at 2WWF and a singing sensation with partner Mikey Heartbreak as one half of the boyband "The Heartbreak Boyz". Still fighting for his moment in the spotlight, The Wizard bulldozes through all that stand in his way of accomplishing his boyhood dream of becoming 2WWF World Champion. And having the technical prowess and Death-defying ability to back it up, it won't be long before we see the self-proclaimed "Prodigy of 2WWF" at the top of the mountain.

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