Real name Undisclosed
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Height 6'9"
Weight 320 lbs.
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Billed from New York City
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Vendetta Championship Wrestling
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13 is a fictional e-fed character and wrestler, working on Vendetta Championship Wrestling and its wrestling program VCW Live. His gimmick is that of a slightly psychotic bounty hunter, in the employment of fellow VCW wrestler Ribz.


Personal life

(Taken from the VCW roster page)

He grew up a son of a homeless man and would do anything food or money. Later in life, he would learn the art of street fighting and would dominate in many ways. He has been in and out of jail many times throughout his life, and has been investigated many times for being a possible bounty hunter. He is believed to be a little psychotic by doctors, and is angered very easily. He made his big break when he was signed by the WWE, but was recently fired for causing problems backstage, mainly being involved in many fights. Now he has come to VCW and is looking to make money as a bounty hunter again, but he will also take other things including title shots for doing others dirty work, as well.

VCW Career

13 debuted at VCW Live 1.1 in a tag match with Ribz, against Sam & Max and John Dunn. The match was a Seraphim Falls Tournament match, with the winning team advancing to the next round. 13 and Ribz lost the match after Sam & Max hit a Two Heads Are Better Than One on Ribz and pinning him. At VCW Live 1.3, 13 and Ribz are booked in a Tag Team Chaos match against the teams of Chris Austin and iSav, Fytor and Sick Fixx, and Captain Courage and the Great Nodnarb.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Unlucky Number (High-angle powerbomb with opponent landing on neck)
    • The Price Was Wrong (Dragon sleeper)
    • Bad Luck (Tombstone piledriver)
  • Nicknames
    • The Bounty of Bad Luck

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