Night 1

Table match

First Round

Dark Messiah def. “Thunder” Josh Xavier with Soul Seeker through the table (4:10)

Stardust def. Masa Mursorio with EOB through a table (15:20)

“X-Man” Zac Jones def. Skyfire with X-fire through a table (2:10)

“Dangerous” Cody Hawk vs. Masa Mursorio with Danger, Danger II through a table (2:15)

Cory Krisel def. David “Shadow” Kayne with superrana through a table(5:10)

Ayo Tanahashi def. “The Hunter” Jason Hunt with the Flight of the Dragon through a table (2:20)

Heaven def. Shinsuke Ogasawara with Fall from Grace through a table (3:01)

Warbride def. Kris Williams powerbombing Williams through a flaming table (1:24)

Second Round

Table Match

Dark Messiah def. Stardust a ddt from the ring into a table (1:20)

“X-Man Zac Jones def. “Dangerous” Cody Hawk with the X-Buster through a table (2:20)

Ayo Tanahashi def. Cory Krisel with the Bite of the Dragon through a table (2:58)

Warbride def. Heaven with a powerbomb through a table (1:24)

Night 2

Third Round

Table Match

“X-Man” Zac Jones def. Dark Messiah with back body drop (4:50)

Ayo Tanahahi def Warbride after El Gigante de Hierro gives Warbride a Samoan drop through a table (4:10)


Table Match

“X-Man” Zac Jones def. Ayo Tanahahi after Jones hits a Springboard Avalanche Franksteiner through two tables. (10:10)

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