The Fate Holder
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[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of 24Eight]]
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Ring Names 24Eight
The Timebomb

The Fate Holder

Height 5'11"
Weight 215lbs
Date of birth August 24th
Place of birth Norfolk, UK
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Resides Norfolk, UK
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Debut 2007
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24Eight is an E-Fed Wrestler, currently in ENA and NWA-CWF.


24Eight made his debut on CWF with his long term buddy, Zak Xemlis, in a triple-threat tag-team tables match. 24Eight was the 2nd participant eliminated, and although his partner Xemlis got down to the final 2 competitors, and put his opponent through a table, the ref was knocked out at the time and when he recovered, Xemlis was put through a table, meaning 24Eight + Xemlis lost the battle. 24Eight recently made his PPV debut at CWF's 'Chi-Town Wars', where he defeated Baidan and Kash to become the new X-Division Champion.


24Eight is a current Tag-Team Champion with long-term friend, Scottie 'Sting' Sousa. After winning the titles at ENA's first pay-per-view, the tag-team, known as 'The Style Bros' havnt lost their titles, and have defended 4 times, including a 4 Way Tag Team Match

Championship Titles

1 x ENA Tag-Team Champions (currently champions with Scottie 'Sting' Sousa)

1 x CWF X-Division Champion (currently champion)

Finishing Moves

FM (modified FU)

GroundBreaker (Running Powerbomb)

Other Moves

Flip Reverse (Moonsault)

Stopwatch (Ankle Lock)

Timewarp (Swanton Bomb)

Monthly Dose

Entrance Themetune

Shiela by Jamie T

Metalingus by Alter Bridge

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