The 2NLW International Championship, aka the nNLW IN Championship, is the second highest title in the 2NLW. It is usually in the mid card of pay per views. This title has been given world title status sometimes, since many people consider the 2NLW Universal Title "in a league of it's own."

Title History

1. Gamer Ken-was, "given the belt" by GM Thomas Walken. Lost it to Brett Rayne.

2. Brett Rayne- beat Gamer Ken, threw down the title, and said, "I'm to good for it."

3. Vacant- The belt was up for grabs in a battle royal, but the final two, Gamer Ken and The Great One, were attacked by Brett Rayne. TGO and GK fought at the next PPV to decide the winner.

4. The Great One- TGO came out on top at the PPV, winning the IN title, and then, defending it 30 minutes later. TGO then single handedly threw Gamer Ken out of a skybox to the arena floor 200 feet below, "paralysing" Gamer Ken. This is kayfabe whoever, as GK was disscussing a way to get out of 2NLW.

5. R.E. Rage- beat TGO 5 in a row, and finally took his title. Held the belt for a record 8 months, before losing to Karl Baller.

6. Karl Baller- won the belt, and ended the "Path of Rage". He is also the first man to beat Jeremy Graves.

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