The 2NLW Universal Title is the highest title in New Next Level Wrestling. It is noted as "the crowning achievement in wrestling." The title has been held by four different people. Despite this, the title has a lot of prestige. This title is usually fought for by former holders of the 2NLW International Championship, like R.E. Rage and Brett Rayne

Title History

1. Andrew Hart- holds the record for longest title reign, seven months. Main evented every 2NLW ppv until "The Playboy" Brett Rayne ended his reign. The Universal title and Andrew Hart were almost synonums in his reign.

2. Brett Rayne- Won the Master of the Mat 2K5 Tournament, and challenged Andrew for the title. He won after the special guest ref "screwed" Andrew out of the title. However, Rayne's reign was ended by the most unlikely challenger, Dark Angel

3. Dark Angel-Held the title for one month, before getting fired by Ultimate Warrior Warrior. Title was then vacated, and Brett Rayne gave R.E. Rage the title in a spoof of "the fingerpoke of doom."

4. R.E. Rage- Won in the shortest Universal title match in history, 45 seconds at Phoenix Dawn.

5. Furious George - The last Universal Champion. Won against Rage during the July 2006 edition of Breakdown Prime.

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New Next Level Wrestling

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