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Pure Pro Wrestling
Federation Name Pure Pro Wrestling
Abbreviation 2PW
Weekly Show Massacre
Time Open November 2004 - March 2005
Owner(s) Ivan Petrov and Michael Ryan
Commissioner(s) Jimmy Chisel
Commentators Mike Trent, Jimmy Chisel
Based In New York, New York
Federation Type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views N/A
Website N/A

Pure Pro Wrestling (2PW) was a New York based wrestling promotion co-owned by Ivan Petrov and Michael Ryan.


2PW was founded after MTR Sports, a company owned by former wrestler Michael Ryan mounted a joint bid with Ivan Petrov and Jimmy Chisel to by Pro Wrestling R4GE in November 2005 from then owner wrestler Eddie T.However Petrov was refused the rights to use the R4GE name or television show however they did hire a great majority of the Pro Wrestling R4GE roster and the Custom title.

Bankruptcy & Closure

In mid-March 2005 Michael Ryan pulled his backing for 2PW. Ivan Petrov along with Shane Williams attempted to keep the promotion afloat until the Age of Purity Pay-Per-View event. The promotion had also lost Alexandre, the wrestler who they had intended to main event the show with Ivan Petrov in a 2PW World title match. This led to the last momoment changing of the card to make a three-way match between Ivan Petrov, Shane Williams and Daniel Abel for the 2PW World title. Petrov won the belt by pinning Abel and a week with the plan being for Ivan to eventually drop the belt to Shane Williams (continuing Williams' long running undeafeated streak against Petrov). This all hung on new investment from Paul Charles which never materialsed and Petrov was forced to close the promotion and file for bankruptcy.


2PW had three championship belts, the World, Atlantic and Custom championship (the Custom championship followed the same rules as the R4GE Custom title which it was based upon).

Here is a list of the last 2PW champions:

2PW Alumni



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