2WWF Lethal Lottery 2007 took place in January of 2007 from London, England. Lethal Lottery is the only 2WWF pay-per-view, where the fans get to have an input in the match card.

2WWF Lethal Lottery
Promotion 2WWF
Date Sunday 21st January 2007
Venue Earl's Court
City London, England
Attendance 16,750
Pay-per-view chronology
2WWF Crosswired 2WWF Lethal Lottery 2WWF Violent Reaction
2WWF Lethal Lottery chronology
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Mosh def. Gem Gunner, AD and Eddie Doom in a 4-Way Barbed Wire Rope Match

AJ Badd def. Kevin Hash in a Casket Match

Lucipher Crosse def. Dinga in an Inferno Match for the Contention to the Pure Title

Min Xineohp def. Justin Belanger in an inter-gender Handcuff Match

Axel Anvil def. Karl Stone in a Lion's Den Match

Devin Cutajar def. Ayden Cutajar in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match (NEW! Pure Champion)

Dash Carter def. Vortex in a House of Fun Match

El Harvo def. Lx-Tim in a TLC Match for the Internet Title Contendership

Minkaro def. Frankie K Young in a Thundercage Match

The Sentinel def. Aaron McKnight in a 'Detained' Match

The Monster def. Fuse-Boy in a Last Man Standing Match

The Icon def. Ace Acid in a Desert Death Match (NEW! Internet Champion)

Tommy Thunder def. Mikey Heartbreak in a Special Referee (Manuel Martinez) Match (NEW! World Champion)

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