The World Wide Wrestling Alliance (3WA) World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious title in 3WA. The first champion was crowned on March 26, 2006.


After running for nearly a month without a World Heavyweight Championship, the 3WA committee decided to run an eight man tournament at their first pay-per view, Annihilation. In the finals, Shane "The Machine" defeated Shaun Stetson and Kyko in a triple threat match to become the first ever 3WA World Heavyweight Champion. He would hold the title for 29 days before losing to Shaun Stetson.

The title has switched hands 14 times since its inception, trading with some of 3WA's biggest names, beginning with Shane Williams and going to Shaun Stetson, Justin Lawler, Hyde, Millionaire Miles Marion, Torch, Kyko, and the current holder, Tom Hart.


  • The record for the most reigns is four, by Shaun Stetson. Also, Hyde has held it three times. And Miles Marion and Justin Lawler have both held it twice.
  • Alex Shaw is the only 3WA Original still on the roster never to win the title.
  • The title has changed hands ten times on pay-per view, three times on Wednesday Night War, and once on Friday Night Aftermath.

Current Champion

Tom Hart is the current holder of the championship. He defeated Shaun Stetson to win the title on April 1, 2007.

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