The World Wide Wrestling Alliance (3WA) World Tag Team Championship was a championship in contention from May 30, 2006 to May 19, 2007. The last to hold the championship were Chris Butcher and Matt Burns before it was retired.


Two months into its conception, the 3WA management decided to create a championship for all the duos in the federation, thus the 3WA World Tag Team Championship was announced in May 2007. A tournament was set to crown the first ever champions. On May 30, 2006, at Incursion, Sean Jackson and Jason Aries defeated the team of Matrix of Doom to become the first ever 3WA World Tag Team Champions. They would hold the titles for 23 days, before losing to 3WA Hall of Famers, Freakin' Nutz.

After a near-year of existence, where the titles were worn by great teams like Carnival of Carnage, Upper Echelon, and Freakin' Nutz, management decided it was time for a change. A decrease in popularity for the titles was noticed, and the 3WA Tag Titles were made. The rules for this tag title were changed to fatal four way rules and the two men to score pinfalls first were declared the champions. The first team to hold the titles under this rule were Scholar and Tommy Kennedy.

When the 3WA merged with the Ultimate Wrestling Federation (UWF), it was decided that there would be more teams, so the rules went back to the original tag team rules. The last match ever of this championship was decided under those rules ina tag team turmoil at Annihilation 2007, where Chris Butcher and Matt Burns won a tag team turmoil. Soon after, Burns vacated his title, thus the team broke up, and the titles were vacated. Instead of crowning new champions, the titles were retired, and replaced with the merged companies' title, the World Class Chapmpionship Wresling (WCCW) Team Titles.


  • The record for longest reign is 62 days by Scholar and Tommy Kennedy who held the titles from March 4 to May 5, 2007.
  • The record for shortest reign is 5 days by Torch and Exile who held the titles from December 1 to December 6, 2006.
  • The only team to ever hold the titles more than once were Carnival of Carnage, who held them twice.

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