Night 1

Detroit, Michigan- Calihan Hall

Aug 16, 2007


First Round

Stardust def. “X-Man” Zac Jones with the Bite the Dust (10:12)

Ayo Tanahahi def. “Dangerous” Cody Hawk via Roll up (4:20)

“Thunder” Josh Xavier def. Heaven with Lighting strikes once..? (2:00)

Dark Messiah def. Kentia Mursorio with Dark Abyss (4:12)

Winner enters the tourney

Three Way Dance

Stardust def. Skyfire and Cory Krisel Dust hits the EOB on Krisel (9:45)

Second Round

Stardust def. Ayo Tanahahi with Stardust Press (25:10)

“Thunder” Josh Xavier def Dark Messiah with Third Strike is Deadly (2:20)

Night 2

Finals for the Midwest Jr. Heavyweight title

Stardust def “Thunder” Josh Xavier when Dust hit the EOB (4:50)

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