Quick Results

  • Blade Icewood via pin over Jack Steucher in a Singles Match
  • Davey Mac via pin over Knuckles Montego and Mark Stryder in a ACW Primetime Championship Triple Threat Match
  • James Cash via pin over Shane Hellman in a Philly Street Fight
  • Alex Sage via pin over Draven Frost in a ACW Television Championship Singles Match
  • Ryan Phoenix via pin over Jay Erickson in a Singles Match
  • Trevor Houston via pin over Zack Fame in a ACW International Championship Singles Match
  • Johnny Johnson via pin over Terry Nash in a Chained Fury Match
  • Magnes Drachen via pin over Jason Young in a Slaughterhouse ACW World Championship Match


Chaos Theory
"World to Burn" by Rev Theory (Official Song)
Promotion ACW
Date March 1, 2009
Venue MGM Grand Arena
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Pay-per-view chronology
ACW Uprising Chaos Theory ACW Dawn of Existence
ACW Chaos Theory chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Chaos Theory {{{nextevent2}}}



Anderson defeated Donovan following Don't F* With Texas.
Dillinger defeated Townsend following the Dillinger Driver
Goode retained after he and Rohling wrestled to a Time Limit Draw
Match ended in a No Contest in part to outside interference by Johnny Johnson.
SychoSide defeated Style with Sychotic Dismantlement to retain the ACW Xtreme Champion.
Phoenix defeated Irvine with Ending Credits to retain the ACW World Heavyweight Title.

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