ACW International Championship

The ACW International Championship is the second highest ranked title in Anarchy Championship Wrestling. It has been a main title since it was created in 2005.

The current champion is Luke Wellington.

Title History

Won By Won From Event Date Won
Spinegrinder Vacant (1) Breaking Point March 30, 2005
Nathan Drake Spinegrinder Maximum Overdrive June 30, 2005
Terry Nash Nathan Drake UnHoly Ground September 20, 2005
Jason Young Terry Nash Uprising March 25, 2006
Jason Young Vacant (2) Breaking Point July 8, 2006
Evan Donovan Jason Young Forsaken August 27, 2006
Zack Fame Evan Donovan EndGame December 24, 2006
Trevor Houston Zack Fame Chaos Theory February 25, 2007
Johnny Johnson Trevor Houston (3) Redemption July 29, 2007
Johnny Johnson SiC (4) Damnation November 2, 2008
DraVen Frost Johnny Johnson Breaking Point March 21, 2009
Luke Wellington Draven Frost (5) Breaking Point March 6, 2010


(1) Spinegrinder won a 15 man over the top rope Battle Royal to win the vacant International Championship.

(2) The International Championship was held up at Maximum Overdrive by Eric Storm as both Trevor Houston and Champion Jason Young fell off the ladder at the same exact time. The following week on Breaking Point, Jason Young won back the International Title in a rematch against Trevor Houston in Rage In The Cage.

(3) Title vacated & retired on October 28th, 2007.

(4) Title reinstated by New GM Ryan Phoenix and was put up between former champ Johnny Johnson against SiC at ACW Damnation. Johnson regain the championship for a second time.

(5) Luke Wellington won the title in a Fatal Four Way contest that also involved David Lee Townsend and Magnes Drachen. Wellington did manage to pin the reigning Champion in the contest.

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