ACW Xtreme Championship

The ACW Xtreme Championship is the third highest ranked championship title in Anarchy Championship Wrestling. It has been a title since 2005 and is for the hardcore division of ACW.

The current champion is Magnes Drachen.

Title History

Won By Won From Event Date Won
Nathan Drake Johnny Chulia (1) Breaking Point March 30, 2005
Johnny Chulia Nathan Drake Unsanctioned April 28, 2005
Michael Tron Johnny Chulia Breaking Point September 14, 2005
Johnny Chulia Michael Tron UnHoly Ground September 29, 2005
SiC Johnny Chulia EndGame December 31, 2005
Scott Moore SiC (2) Unsanctioned April 29, 2006
SiC Vacant (3) Maximum Overdrive June 25, 2006
Trevor Houston SiC Breaking Point October 6, 2006
Dillinger Trevor Houston EndGame December 12, 2006
Mark Stryder Vacant (4) Dawn of Existence April 25, 2007
Bryan Anderson Mark Stryder Underground May 9, 2007
SiC Ryan Phoenix (5) Uprising January 26, 2008
Kris Style SiC Forsaken III September 2, 2008
SychoSide Kris Style Uprising February 1, 2009
Jay Erickson SychoSide Underground December 12, 2009
SychoSide Jay Erickson Aftershock January 7, 2010
Jay Erickson SychoSide Uprising January 31, 2010
Magnes Drachen Jay Erickson EndGame January 9, 2011


(1) Nathan Drake Defeated Johnny Chulia To Win The Vacant Xtreme Championship.

(2) ACW Owner Eric Storm stripped SiC of the Xtreme Championship on 4-7-06 edition of Breaking Point and put the title up in a "Best Of" series between SiC facing Scott Moore. As Unsanctioned rolled around, Scott Moore defeated SiC to win the championship only to throw down the title and proclaim the division dead and buried and then announces himself as the new ACW Pure Wrestling Champion. The title was never recognized as an official ACW championship.

(3) ACW Owner Eric Storm discussed on Breaking Point that the Xtreme Division would not return. Thus CEO of ACW Michael Bale made his presence known and reinstated the division once again. At Maximum Overdrive in a 5 Man Bring Your Own Weapons Match, SiC made a shocking entry and won the battle, claiming the Xtreme Title for the second time.

(4) After Eric Storm stripped Dillinger of the Xtreme Championship on March 10, 2007, he tossed up the Championship in a match at Dawn of Existence on March 25, in a first ever Xtreme Ascent Match as Mark "The Regretful Sin" Stryder walked away with the title.

(5) After months of the title being vacated, SiC defeated Ryan Phoenix to win the vacant Xtreme Championship at Chaos Theory on February 24, 2008.

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