Promotion Apocalyptic Pro Wrestling Championship
Date April 24, 2008
Venue Joe Louis Arena
City Chicago Illinois
Attendance 22,500
Pay-per-view chronology
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APWC Meltdown chronology
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The official theme song is "Beast And Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold

  • Xavier Stone defeated Nail in a TLC in a cell match to become 1st ever APWC World Heavyweight champion
  • Lee Rivvy defeated The Virus to become 1st Ever APWC Intercontinental champion.
    • Lee pinned Virus with a rollup after Virus's girlfriend, Demonica, fainted on the outside of the ring.
  • Maxamillion Mustafa defeated Zak Warner and Black Knight in a triple threat 'Race to the X' match.
    • After Kniht was knocked outside the ring, Maxx forced Zak to tap out to the crippler crossface. Maxx and Black Knight advance
  • Archangel defeated Milenko and Johnny Vito in a triple threat 'Race to the X' match.
    • Archangle pinned Milenko after using the Rain of destruction. Archangel and Johnny Vito advance
  • DeadEnd (Phantom and MarkEvil) defeated Gus and Jonny Nova in an Inferno Tables match, to be crowned the 1st ever APWC tag team champions.
    • After Gus hit MarkEvil with a flaming chair, Phantom snuck up on Nova and slammed him through a flaming table. After the match, EMTs had to get MarkEvil to the hospital, to check on him