The ASW (Association of Students Wrestling) is a legit wrestling federation wrestling promotion based in Drummondville, Québec. It is run and booked by fellow wrestler Guillaume "Guilty" Petit .

Logo Aswlogo
Alex and Guilty Wrestling (1998-2001)/Association of Students Wrestling(2001–present)
Federation Name Alex and Guilty Wrestling (98-01) / Association of Students Wrestling (01-now)
Abbreviation AGW / ASW
Weekly shows as AGW :
  • W.A.R, Mondays
  • The Blue Show, Thursdays

as ASW :

  • Tuesday Hard Fight, Tuesdays
  • Friday Night Brawl, Fridays
Time open October 1998 – present
Owner Guillaume Petit
Play-by-Play Commentator Donald McKerlie
Color Commentator Marcelo Aldenté
Federation type Imaginary based / Real Fight
Pay-per-views Monthly

Active Titles


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
ASW World Championship Guilty Petit Joey Barbedwire August 23, 2008 Colombus, Ohio Blast in City 2008
ASW World Tag Team Championship The Hiller Boys (Alvin and Brent) Jeffrey Samson & Pat Cheeze January 19, 2007 Vancouver, BC, Canada Friday Night Brawl
ASW World Middleweight Championship Killer Jo Joey Barbedwire August 26, 2007 Anaheim, California Blast in City
ASW World Cruiserweight Championship ShadowKris Zigormanis April 14th, 2007 Atlanta, Georgia Easter Destroy
ASW World Women's Championship Suzan Labutos Jessica "The Tigress" Matthews May 17, 2007 Drummondville, Québec, Canada War in your house

Previous championships

Championship Final Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
ASW Hardcore Championship Beautiful Boy Will The Terrible Feburary 13, 2005 Memphis, Tennessee St.Valentine's Day Massacre
ASW International Championship Beautiful Boy Carl Davis January 21, 2005 Orlando, Florida Full Equip


Weekly Shows


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