Allied Wrestling League-National Championship Wrestling
Acronym AWL-NCW
Founded September 2003
Defunct 2009
Industry Professional e-wrestling
Style N/A
Location Texas
Founder(s) David Calhoun
Owner(s) Duncan Conrad
Parent uWa

Allied Wrestling League-National Championship Wrestling (AWL-NCW) was a professional e-federation promotion that ran on-and-off from 2003-2008.


National Championship Wrestling

In September 2003, David Calhoun opened National Championship Wrestling (NcW). On its first event, it featured 11 of its top stars including notably, Cpl. Punishment, Wussy Boy, Lance Knight and Coun, The Iron Dragon in that count. On October 15, 2003, NcW held a Battle Royal for the NcW Television Title. In a surprising turn of events, Lumpy, the Brain DeadMoose won the title, and celebrated with his partner, UWA's Barry the Dinosaur.

Two weeks later on October 31, NcW's first PPV, Halloween Horror hosted the crowning of its grand champion, where "The Silent Monster" Lance Knight won the NcW North American Championship. For seven months, NcW continued on its grand tradition. UWA stars entered in and out of the NcW, building a partnership between the two feds.

Quickly NcW grew, and February 2004, it added a second brand, having two brands between Nightmare and Overdrive. On February 14 at NcW St. Valentine's Massacre, Aries won the new NcW National Title, bringing it to Overdrive, whereas Coun, now called Mayhem, gained possession and took the North American Title to the Nightmare brand.

In April 2004, NcW went worldwide and created their NcW World Championship, won by Hellraisers' own Scythe.

In June 2004, NcW executed the end of the brand extension and the end of the NcW Hardcore Title. At Dark Dawn, the North American and National title were unified, as were the Hardcore and Television Title.

At the end of Joly, NcW was brought to a closure.

Birth of Allied Wrestling League

The birth of Allied Wrestling League (AWL) occurred in July 2004.

In September 2004, AWL continued the legacy of NcW by holding the first Wrestler's Warzone. By 2005, AWL was putting on solid shows, in fact, even in May 2005 joining with the UWA and having AWL vs. UWA UnCivil War[1]. This PPV placed the best of each federation in matches against each other. Matches including a 22 wrestler Battle Royal, with 11 from each, battling between the Champions, and a 10 on 10 elimination tag match in the Main Event. Several other innovations are created during the year for the AWL. The Prince of Pain, and several other new matches were created.

At the end of 2006, AWL went through another change.


The AWL recognized its heritage and revived the name of NcW again.

Subsequently, AWL-NCW folded in 2008.

Current Roster as of 7/24/07

Alex Rose
Alexi Harkind
Amy Bennington*
Ash Kincaid
Atom Bomb*
Barb Wire*
Brad Phoenix
British Bombshell*
Brooke Jackson
C Dawg*
Chester "The Chemist" Draven*
Codey Santos
Colin Steele
Cpl. Punishment
Daisy Mae
Damien Thorne
Dan "The Man" Hall
Death angel
Diamond Diva
Diamond Doll
Dominic Verlaine*
Eden August*
Hedge McCoy
Jackson Payne
Justin Scott Payne
K.C. Tanks*
Krafty K*
Lance Knight
Matthew "Stone Fist" McCalister*
Mayhem [2]
Midnight Blue
Mistress Sable Lynn
Mr. Blackthorne
Rage Hammer*
Raiden Thunderfist
RC Extreme
Riley Braddock
Ryder Jackson
Selena Luna
Shawna Michelle*
Silver Leaf
Sir Psycho Sexy
Starchild Simmons
Sting Ray*
Tama Nui
The Green Hornet*
The Missing Link
The Punisher
The Purifier
Tristan Shinoda*
War Master*
Wussy Boy

* indicates inactive

AWL-NcW in the GWC

AWL-NcW is currently one of the members of the Global Wrestling Council. This is a loose alliance of various federations.

Notable Stars

Past and present Superstars of AWL-NcW, AWL, and NcW

Singles Stars

Coun, The Iron Dragon (Mayhem, Daniel Carlson)[3]
Atom Bomb [4]
Jackson "Death Dealer" Payne [5]
Wolfie [6]
Jade [7]
Krafty K
Lance Knight
Colin Steele [8] & Diamond Diva [9]
Grayson Graymayne
Charles Cross
Canadian Nightmare

Notable Tag Teams

Death Guard (Atom Bomb & Mayhem)[10]
New Style Rebels R&C (Rage Hammer and Cpl. Punishment)
Hellraisers (Demon & Fallen Angel)
Glitzing Punishment (Glitz & The Punisher)
The Mighty Mirco Powers (Wussy Boy and Justin Scott Payne)

Notable Stables

Knights of Destruction
(K.o.D. Current Members: Mayhem, Atom Bomb, Tormented, Jade & Lance Knight)

Rebellion X
(RX: Cpl. Punishment, Rage Hammer, Hedge McCoy, Ryder Jackson, Mistress Sable Lynn)

New Style Rebels
( Defunct precursor to RX. Notable members: Jackson Payne, Cpl. Punishment, Hellraisers, C Dawg, Ravyn, Krafty K)

(Defunct. Notable Members: Grayson Graymayne, Demon, Fallen Angel, Succubus, Scythe)

Imperial Court
(Defunct. Notable Members: Glitz, Jade, The Punisher, Wolfie)

The Tribunal (Defunct) The Judge, Genesis, Canadian Nightmare, Wycked Puppet.

AWL-NcW Shows

Main Shows

AWL Lightning House Shows


Winter Warfare
St. Valentine's Massecre
Spring Siege
Storm of April
Memorial Day Madness
Dark Dawn
AWL-NcW's Dead Reckoning
Summer Suicide
Wrestler's Warzone
Halloween Horror
Feast of Fear
Slay Ride


AWL-NcW Titles

Singles Titles

AWL-NcW World Title
AWL-NcW North American Title
AWL-NcW Wyldside Title
NcW Television Title
AWL-NcW Women's Title
AWL-NcW Cruizerweight Title
Prince of Pain

Tag Titles

AWL-NcW World Tag Titles

Defunct Titles

North American Tag Titles
National Title
Anarchy Tag Titles


Coming Soon.

Current Players

Daniel Calhoun

External links

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