Dead Reckoning
Promotion AWL-NcW
Date July 25, 2007
Pay-per-view chronology
Dark Dawn Dead Reckoning Summer Suicide
AWL-NcW's Dead Reckoning chronology
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Death Angel vs Codey Santos
Winner: Death Angel pin after Death Reaction Finisher
Colin Steele vs Jackson Payne
Winner: Colin Steele pin after Steele Driver Finisher
Battle Royal for the Number 1 Contender for TV Title
Starchild Simmons, The Missing Link, Kaleyo, Violet, RC Extreme, Jade, Tormented, Brujah, Ash Kincaid, Ryder Jackson, Milan, Lilith, Justin Scott Payne, Dan "The Man" Hall, Daisy Mae, Wussy Boy, Brad Phoenix, Rebel, Damien Thorne, Rage Hammer, Loki, Lance Knight, Death Angel, Mr. Blackthorne, Brooke Jackson, Codey Santos
Winner: Jade by eliminating Rage Hammer
Death Angel vs Kaleyo
Winner:Kaleyo by pin
Elimination Tag
Rebellion X vs Knights of Destruction
Winner: K.o.D. after Atom Bomb pins Rage Hammer after Atomic Bomb Finisher

Elimination Tag
Team NcW
(Jackson Payne, Damien Thorne, Lilith, Dan Hall
Team AWL
(Lance Knight, Codey Santos, Death Angel, RC Extreme)
Winner: Team NcW after Lilith pins Death Angel as he turns his back on AWL and joins NcW.

AWL World Tag Titles

A.S.S. (Alexi Harkind & Colin Steele)C
Wolfie & Selena Luna
Winner: A.S.S. retains by Colin Steele pinning Wolfie.

AWL Cruizerweight Title

Cpl. Punishment C
Alex Rose
Winner: Alex Rose by DQ. Cpl. Retains the CW Title.

AWL Women's Title

Diamonds are Forever Match
Diamond Doll
Diamond Diva
Winner: Diamond Diva wins title by pinning Diamond Doll.

AWL North American Title

Silver LeafC
Hedge McCoy
Winner: Hedge McCoy wins title by submission.

AWL Wyldside Title

"The Prince of Pain" PurifierC
Sir Psycho Sexy
Winner: Sir Psycho Sexy wins the title in 2 out of 3 falls.

AWL World Title

Coun, The Iron Dragon C
The Punisher
Winner: Coun, The Iron Dragon retains by submission. The Punisher joins NcW.

The Main Event

Prince of Pain Tournament

Round One
Hedge McCoy vs Lance Knight
Winner: Hedge McCoy
The Missing Link vs Cpl. Punishment
Winner: Cpl. Punishment
Jade vs Starchild Simmons
Winner: Starchild Simmons
Jackson Payne vs The "Prince of Pain" Purifier
Winner: Prince of Pain Purifier
Round Two
Hedge McCoy vs. Cpl. Punishment
Winner: Hedge McCoy
Prince of Pain Purifier vs. Starchild Simmons
Winner: Prince of Pain Purifier
Round Three
Prince of Pain Purifier vs. Hedge McCoy
Winner: Hedge McCoy wins and becomes the NEW Prince of Pain.

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