This is the page for Aaron J Gray.

Height/Weight: 6 foot 4, 240 pounds Hometown: Australia Style of Wrestling: technical Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):Spear, Suplex Pin Entrance Style: simple entrance,walks down 2 the ring,gets in the ring then acknowledges the crowd in the ring Entrance Theme: Riot by 3 days grace Bio of Aaron J Gray:He grew up in Australia and ever since he was young dreamed of becoming a wrestler.His dreams led him to move to the US to pursue these dreams which got him to sign up with the WCSF.

History in the WCSF

In his first match he tagged with Jay Baker and lost to the tag team of Thunder storm.

In his second match he had a singles match up with Hector Ramirez and he lost.

Is booked in a match in High Velocity at Battlefield to tag with Nick Envy and they are versing Apollo Lynx & Tyler Rice.

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