Adachi Yusuku
Bifu Main
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Ring Names Adachi Yusuku
Height 6’6” (198cm)
Weight 299lbs (135kg) (billed)
265lbs (120kg) (actual)
Date of birth 4th August, 1979
Place of birth Obihiro, Japan
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Resides Sapporo, Japan
Billed from Obihiro, Japan
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Debut 26th December, 2006
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Adachi Yusuku, better known in the West as Bifu, is a Japanese professional wrestler currently working for IGNITE. Outside of Japan, he is probably best known for his time with the promotion Unified Championship Wrestling.


Early Career

Adachi Yusuku has been reluctant to discuss his childhood, stating that "It's not important to who I am professionally." It is known that by the age of twenty Adachi was competing in local promotions in Hokkaido under the nickname Bifu, literally meaning 'Beef'. He was called up for a larger promotion in the Kobe/Osaka area at 24. He switched his ring persona from strong but meek boy to uncaged animal and found a level of success he'd never encountered before. He refined this gimmick into the classic monster heel while touring in Japan, Australia and New Zealand before being scouted by the American promotion Unified Championship Wrestling.

Unified Championship Wrestling

Bifu travelled to the USA to sign with UCW as a heel with an anti-American gimmick. He was noted for his interviews in which a translator relayed the words of interviewer Adam Silver to an increasingly enraged Bifu, which invariably ended with Bifu casually hurting Silver in some way. He enjoyed modest success and got over with the fans; however, as the now-infamous backstage feud between his friend Vorossa and owner Julius Jacobs escalated, Bifu quit the company in protest, an act now considered one of the first of many seeds of UCW’s downfall. Disheartened with the American wrestling scene, he returned to Japan.


In 2010, after circuiting various Japanese indies, Adachi announced that he had signed a contract with the Eiji Honda's promotion IGNITE, working under the name BIFU.

Personal Life

Adachi has a long-term girlfriend, J-pop magazine columnist Shannon Myers, whom he met whilst working in Australia.

During his time in UCW Adachi was presented as unable to speak English, and became best known for his interviews involving a translator. In reality Bifu can speak English to a near-fluent level, and he himself suggested that aspect of his gimmick.

He remains in contact with fellow UCW alumni Vorossa and The Cobra.


Finishing & Signature Moves

  • Nihongo Naifu - Gutwrench reverse powerbomb
  • Ichi / ICHI Driver - One-handed piledriver
  • Shouldersmash Facelock Drop - Standing back-to-belly three quarter facelock followed by jump onto back, crushing opponent underneath
  • Chokeslam
  • Closed fist to top of head
  • Standing frog splash
  • Big boot
  • Over-the-knee rear headlock
  • Rolling sleeper hold
  • Second-rope double axe handle

Theme Music

  • Tribe - The Mad Capsule Markets


  • Japan's Strongest Man
  • The Ox
  • The Double Man

External Links - Bifu's entrance video from UCW.

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