Adam Wylde
Real name Adam Wylde
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Height 6'5"
Weight 260 lbs.
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Billed from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Vendetta Championship Wrestling
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Adam Wylde is a fictional e-fed character and wrestler, working on Vendetta Championship Wrestling and its wrestling program VCW Live. His gimmick is that of a wild and insane person, with two different voices arguing in his head.


Personal life

(Taken from the VCW roster page)

Not much is known about Adam Wylde's past as the crowd favourite generally stays quiet about it. In the ring, Wylde is just that, wild. It's blatantly obvious that Wylde is two eggs short of a dozen and a little bit on the insane side, but that's why the fans love him...and opponents hate him. He's unpredictable in the ring on account of his insanity.

VCW Career

Adam Wylde debuted at VCW Live 1.1 in the Fatal Fiveway Match against Deacon King, Magnum, iSav, and Captain Courage, which Magnum won. At VCW Event History#VCW Live 1.2, Adam Wylde interfered in the match between Eric Ares and Gregory Best, distracting Best and allowing Ares to hit a superkick to win the match. It was then revealed that the two have allied and have taken out Rivers Atwood indefinitely (in real life, Rivers Atwood's handler had left VCW and FMW before the 1.1 card had been posted).

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Fruitcake Driver (Piledriver aided with a chin to the groin)
    • Adam Gone Wylde (Crossface)

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