Advent Rising
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Ring Names Advent Rising
Height 6' 2"
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth 02/29/1980
Place of birth Ironside PA
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Advent Rising was born to a wealthy American family February 29, 1980. Being immortal, he had to find a vessel to house his soul. He has one mortal sibling, Luna Rising. He had not seen nor heard from Luna since he left his home when he was 16. He always loved wrestling. He left to pursue a career as a professional wrestler. During an underground wrestling match, Advent came across Lorelei "Nightwalker" Blackwell. She introduced him to Total Championship Wrestling (TCW). She became his mentor and friend.

The Beginning

Advent's first body was Saint Michael, an angel. He was banished from heaven after he refused to kill Lucifer and his family. He wondered the earth for a while until he found a safe dwelling in Judas Iscariot. When Judas committed suicide, Advent once again was left without a home. He was then born into his current human body.


Intercontinental Championship

Advent Rising defeated Peter Dragon for the IC Championship at the Storm Warning PPV on 3/5/06. Jamal Brown defeated Advent Rising for the TCW IC Championship at the 4/23/06 Final Retribution PPV.

Tag Team Championship

Advent Rising and Tornado defeated Achilles and the Honky Tonk Kid (who subbed for Dustin Edberg and Hugo) at the Summer Wave PPV to win the TCW Tag Team Championships on 08/23/2006. Tornado lost his half of the tag belts to Dustin Edberg at the 10/31/06 Hell's Holiday PPV. Advent Rising and Dustin Edberg became champs. Sean Lorrenza and LaPercell Daisy defeated Advent Rising and Dustin Edberg for the TCW Tag Team Championships on the 11/19/06 TCW Showdown.

TCW World Championship

Advent Rising defeated Rabid Ducky in a Loser Leaves TCW match on Showdown on 2/11/2007 for the TCW World Championship. Daniel Dare then defeated Advent Rising in a surprise match at the TCW Final Retribution PPV for the TCW World Championship on 5/20/2007. Advent Rising defeated Daniel Dare at the 8/26/07 TCW Emotional Trauma PPV to regain the TCW World Championship. Mr. T.C.W. defeated Advent Rising for the TCW World Championship at the Resurrection PPV.


Advent was recruited by Nightwalker to join TCW.

(Missing Information)

Advent revived Death is Eternal (D.I.E.) with his new allies Crimson Kryptonite, Dark Tiger, Lucifer Traimer, Rose Bonaparte, and Darkside. The alliance soon diminished with the engagement of Rose and LT and Advent being fired. He made his return during Emotional Trauma, joining forces with his long time enemy Dustin Edberg and betraying his girlfriend, Crimson Kryptonite.


"The Demented One"

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