ROG Aftershock is no ordinary PPV. For this PPV, the fans vote on the matches! That's right...Aftershock is an interactive PPV event.

2007 Results

- The results of the ROG World Heavyweight Championship Poll are shown. Options are: The Sound, Chris Classic, and Steve Ace. The results are: The Sound - 20%, Chris Classic - 30%, and Steve Ace - 50%. Steve Ace receives an ROG World Heavyweight Championship against Erik Michaels later in the night.

- Another poll shows up as to who will team with David Simmons to challenge The Sound and Chris Classic for the ROG World Tag Team Championships. Options: Erik Michaels and Ella Perez. Results: Erik Michaels - 25% and Ella Perez - 75%.

- The Sound and Chris Classic def. David Simmons and Ella Perez by pinfall to become the first ever ROG Tag Team Champions.

- Jack Williams vs. Johnny Nico. Options: No-DQ, Two out of Three Falls, or Submission. Results: No-DQ - 0%, Two out of Three Falls - 100%, Submission - 0%. Jack Williams scores the first fall by DQ. Johnny Nico scores the second fall by pinfall. Jack Williams scores the third fall by pinfall. Jack Williams def. Johnny Nico with a 2-1 score.

- Erik Michaels and Ella Perez blame David Simmons as to why they didn't win the ROG Tag Team Championships.

- Rated PG vs. David Sykes. Options: X-Rated Championship, Ashley Nero's Managerial Services, or The Winner Chooses What Type of Match they Have Next. Results: X-Rated Championship - 80%, Ashley Nero's managerial services - 0%, Winner chooses what type of match they have next - 20%. Rated PG def. David Sykes by pinfall to become the first ever ROG X-Rated Champion.

- Nightmare vs. Tristian Artist. Options: Falls Count Anywhere, Tables Match, or First Blood. Results: Fall Count Anyways - 70%, Tables Match - 10%, First Blood - 20%. Nightmare def. Tristian Artist by pinfall.

- An interview is conducted with Steve Ace before he challenges Erik Michaels for the ROG World Heavyweight Championship. Steve Ace defeated The Sound and Chris Classic in a vote for the right.

- Steve Ace def. Erik Michaels by DQ when David Simmons interfered. Thus, Erik Michaels retained the ROG World Heavyweight Championship. Dysfunction between Simmons and Michaels happen as Michaels and Ella celebrate in the ring and Simmons goes to the back.

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