Ahmed Krum
[[Image:|px|Image of Ahmed Krum]]
Real name Ahmed Krum
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Height 6'4"
Weight 224lbs
Date of birth February 27th 1979
Place of birth North Borneo, Malaysia
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Resides Los Angeles, California
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Hardcore Championship Wrestling (HCW07)
Roughkut Wrestling (RKW)
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Ahmed Krum (born 27th February 1979 in North Borneo, Malaysia) is a professional wrestler currently performing in Hardcore Championship Wrestling (HCW07)

Early Life

Ahmed Krum was born in North Borneo, Malaysia on 27th February 1979. In 1988, he joined a local gang called Levis at the age of 9. In 1992 when he was only 13, he started using drugs. He was famous in North Borneo for his role as a notorious drug dealer.

New Life In England

In 1997(aged 18), he was invited by a prominent British drug dealer Curtis Warren to come to Liverpool, England. Tempted by the offer made by Curtis, he moved to Liverpool. After 2 years, he became the 'right hand man' for Curtis but Curtis was arrested in 2003. Everything was a mess for Krum after Curtis was arrested. The problem worsen after John Haase, a veteran gang leader and drug baron was released from prison. John Haase was known as Curtis Warren number one enemy.


Krum couldn't handle the pressure of gang wars and decided to find a new career. After 7 years in England, he moved to Canada to become a professional wrestler. In February 2006, he started his career as a wrestler in RKW. He won RKW HardKnox title just two months after he joined RKW but he gave away the title to (Hyde), the number one contender for RKW HardKox Title just a month after winning it. Krum mysteriously disappeared after that night.

Peace With John Haase

It was reported that Krum's name was put "in the hat," which is gang code for putting someone on their deathlist. But in early 2007, a meeting was arranged for Krum and Haase in . Krum agreed not to step his foot in England again. As a return, Haase and his Toxteth-based gang will never touch Krum again.


In November 2007, he end the 18 months of speculation by signing a contract with Hardcore Championship Wrestling. Due to his reputation, he was handed a title shot by the President of HCW, Ryan Hart in his first match against John Green for the HCW World Heavyweight Championship but the match never took place due to HCW's internal management problem. Krum then quit HCW after seeing that there is no future for HCW.

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