Alan is a wrestler who currently works for CWF,UWE,and a few other promotions.He is 20 years old.He is currently dating Mikalya Levesque in an on screen/off screen real relationship,not a storyline.Alan is also head of DCW,Demise Championship Wrestling.His picture base is Matt Hardy.

Alan grew up as a child(Alan John Bushell)with his older brothers Joseph and Maxie and his sister Rosemary.His parents were Arthur and Lee Bushell.They treated him with respect and he was the good one.He always got stright A's.His brothers liked him.Nobody picked on him.He became obsessed with wrestling at the age of five.Soon,it came down to his teenage years....

When Alan was a teenager he never took drugs,never smoked.He was straight edge,he became a big fan of the n.W.o.He started training to become a wrestler.Luckily,his uncle was a professional wrestler,s his uncle taught him all he knows.He was discovered by a small time local federation called TDC(Total Destruction Civillization).He wrestled there until he was 19.A big promotion called CWF,where he would battle alongside Nate Rupe and Lance Khaos when he was 20.Now,he is in CWF and a few other promotions.He is in the Reckless division in the Fans Wrestling Alliance.His favourite band is Catatonia.

Notes: Alan's favourite band is Catatonia. His favourite animal is a meerkat. His favourite song is 'Mulder And Scully' by Catatonia. He is a Christian. He has never ben to prison. He is not picky about what he wears. He is a size 6 for shoes.

Theme Music: Mainly 'All Alone' by Gorillaz or 'Mulder And Scully' by Catatonia.

Accomplishments: None so far.

Success in e-feds: Nothing really worthwhile to write about yet.

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