Alan McKinney
Real name Alan Braiden McKinney
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Height 5'11"
Weight 135lbs
Date of birth May 16th, 1985
Place of birth Killarney, Ireland
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Resides Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Ionic Wrestling Federation
Handled by Erin / Sarah
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Alan Braiden McKinney, born May 16, 1985, to Larry and Diane McKinney. He is the . . . 6th youngest in a family of fourteen boys and one girl. And no, not every single McKinney was born from Diane.

Personal life

Early life

Alan grew up in a disordered house, with a disordered and messed up family. In fact, when he was eight, he was dropped down the steps (second story) by his dear, drunk, abusive father. Ever since then, he's been a little neurotic, and a little messed up in the head. However, despite the neuroticism, and the medication, he always protected his little brother Iann from basically everything that came up, particuarally against his eldest brother, David. Which, of course, caused him to get beat up often and every day. And needless to say, Iann respects him for everything he's ever done. And he's always there to back him up.

Current Life

He lives in Toronto with his brother and his brother's girlfriend, Sarah. After the break with


Love at First Sight

When Alan stepped into Ionic Wrestling Federation in 2003 at the begging of his younger brother, Iann McKinney, he met fourteen year old Aaron Swaim. Ever since then, the two have been pretty much inseparable. It's like they were joined at the hip. However, when Alan left IWF, Aaron was heartbroken. She couldn't figure out where he went. And so, she started to hang with Scooter Zyon. In fact, his excuse was, "He had to get away." And so he took a trip to Australia (idiot), and got himself stuck there for two years with an Aussie Hooker named Rachel Sanders, who agreed to let him live in her flat if . . . yeah. Finally able to return to the States, he found Aaron finally (due to contacting Sarah Duclos), and apologized profusely. He still apologizes every day for it, and will apologize until the end of time.

Unfortuneately, Alan has screwed up once more. After sleeping with every girl that he could find besides Aaron, she finally left him for good. He still pines for her, and wants to get back together. And he'll do what ever it takes at any cost.

By the way, he hates Keevee Kaiser. And still resents Scooter Zyon.

The McKinneys

The McKinneys are a cover band made up of Alan McKinney, Iann McKinney, and their brothers Kevin and Aiden.

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