Alex Phenomenon
Height 6 ft
Weight 217 lbs
Born 1985 (22 Years Old)
Current Location Atlanta, Georgia
Current Employers Society Of Sim Wrestling (SOS)
Former Employers None
Pro Debut April 26, 2007.
Current Status Active

Alex Phenomenon is a Sim Wrestler currently employed by Society of Sim Wrestling.


Society of Sim

He is the most recent new full-time roster addition in SOS, debuting on April 26th, 2007 at "Contested Legacy" as part of a New debuts vs. SOS veterans series.

Immortals of Wrestling

Alex debuted at Path to Immortality in the Rising Star Gauntlet. Alex did not win the Gauntlet, being eliminated by Mr. Pink.

The following Uprising, Alex blamed his elimination of Pink (the eventual winner of the gauntlet) and the pair began to feud. Alex defeated Mr. Pink at Uprising #15, hooking the tights as he rolled Pink up.

The following week, Pink would receive his IOW British Rose Championship shot against Champion Daz. Alex cost Pink the match, escalating their rivarly.

The following show, Pink and Phenomenon found themselves paired up in a "random drawing" for the King of the Immortals Tournament. Phenomenon and Pink would make it through the first and second rounds, to the semi finals.

At the King of the Immortals PPV event, Phenomenon defeated Buck with a rollup to progress to the finals. Pink would also progress, defeating Johnny Manowar. The two came head to head in the penultimate match at the event with Phenomenon coming out on the winning end.

At Uprising #17, Alex Phenomenon would take on Daz for the IOW British Rose Title and won the match, two falls to none, handing Daz only his second ever pin fall loss in IOW.

As Champion, Alex developed an even bigger ego, saying he would only defend the title against those he deemed worthy, usually jobbers or lower-card wrestlers that he could easily defeat.

Mr. Pink would eventually extend the challenge to Phenomenon, challenging him to a title match at Summer Fallout II. Alex accepted, not to be out done by his old rival. Pink and Phenomenon's feud came to a close, with Mr. Pink finally winning IOW gold, out lasting Phenomenon in a British Rose Rules match.

In Wrestling

  • Finishers
    • The Phenomenon (Powerbomb Backbreaker)
    • The Phenomenal Phoenix Splash (Phoenix Splash)
    • The Phenomenal Knee (Busaiku Knee)
  • Signature Moves
    • The Phenomenal Rush (Striking Combo ending with High Kick)
    • Go 2 Beddy-Bye (Go 2 Sleep Elbow Strike)
    • Death Phenomenal Driver (Death Valley Driver)
    • Phenomenal Breathe Taker (Lungblower)
    • Backdrop Driver
    • Lariats
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Rolling Elbows

Championships and Accomplishments

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Society of Sim Website

Alex Phenomenon SOS Profile

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