Alex Senior
[[Image:|px|Image of Alex Senior]]
Real name Alex John Patrick Senior
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Height 5'9
Weight 200 lbs.
Date of birth may 30th, 1984
Place of birth Crewe, England
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Billed from Cheshire, England
KFWF , The Pure Wrestling Project
Handled by
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Debut May 8th 2004-KFWF War Zone
Retired {{{retired}}}

Alex Senior is a cruiserweight who is capable of many different wrestling styles. He has wrestled in many e-federations both writing and roleplaying. Senior is currently competing in two feds-KFWF and The Pure Wrestling Project.

Personal Info

Life Before Wrestling

Alex Senior was born on May 30, 1984 at Leighton Hospital Crewe, England, he grew up watching wrestling on television and from an early age was very athletic. His mother and father told him stories about his great grandfather sitting down to watch world of sport on ITV, yelling and shouting. So maybe his love of wrestling runs in the blood. Alex got average grades in his subjects at school, sometimes struggling in some subjects but showing a natural intelligence and a creative mind for writing and drawing. He plays drums and was in numerous bands including the screamo hardcore band 'A Sleep In Panama'.

Early KFWF career

Alex first appeared in KFWF on the May 2nd edition of weekly show 'Fatal Discharge'. Interfearing in the main event pitting Crunch versus "The Samurai" Master Pogo. He appeared under a mask and helped Crunch gain the victory after a steel chair shot. After making his official KFWF debut and wrestling debut on the May 12th War Zone he was finally revealed as the masked wrestler on May 16 Fatal Discharge. At KFWF Brutality 2004 Senior captured his first major championship, the KFWF Cruiserweight championship. He followed this win with a victory over KFWF owner Crunch and a loss to Djinn.


-KFWF Great

-KFWF Cruiserweight of the year [2006]

-KFWF Writer of the year [2007, 2008]


  • Alex Senior has owned three notable federations-EWA: Extreme Wrestling Alliance, 13 Honor and The Pure Wrestling Project.
  • Senior is best friends with Rhys 'The Dragon' Holley and attends wrestling shows with him.

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