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Alexa King is an American women's wrestler, currently acting as a trainer at WPW(Washington Pro Wrestling).

In Wrestling


Alexa entered the WPW school at the age of 16, and this is where she met fellow new-student Andy Duke. She started dating him soon after. The two continued to date, even after Andy was signed by EWT.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

Cidal Squad

In June 2007, about 8 months after Andy debuted, Alexa King made her shocking debut to EWT. She came in as a "solution" to Terina(the valet of TJT, the team The Cidal Squad was feuding with). While in the Cidal Squad, Alexa acted mainly as a manager, but did wrestle when needed. She was billed as being Andy's long-term girlfriend, also from Chewelah, when in reality the two had just met about a year or so prior.

In the fall, her and Andy broke up. They were able to stay friends well enough to work on screen, but when EWT offered her her release, she accepted, citing that, along with the break-up, she wanted to go back to Washington not only to receive more training herself, but to train others as well. Her and Andy broke-up on screen in November, and Alexa was gone from the company within a couple weeks.

The Cast of Heroes

In February, she returned as a member of the Cast of Heroes along with Jonathan Duke and Exner. She feuded with Andy Duke(and later the Cidal Squad). Rumors were spreading that her and Andy were back together in real-life. This was hinted on-screen as well, as it looked like they might hook the two up again, but this was never known, as the angle was cut short due to the "Wellness Policy Scandal of Early 08". After being released, she went back to train others at WPW.


She has returned to her alma mater, Washington Pro Wrestling, to train fellow female wrestlers on two occasions. Although none of her 3 current students have debuted in other companies yet, it is expected that one, possibly two, may debut in mid-2008.

Personal Life

She has had an on-again off-again relationship with fellow wrestler Andy Duke. Right now, it is not sure if she is with him or not. She has been seen with him backstage at shows, but many believe that she is there for his moral support, helping him conquer his addictions.

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