Alexander Putrid
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Height 6'1
Weight 231 lbs.
Date of birth October 4th, 1979
Place of birth St. Petersberg, Russia
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Resides Phoenix, Arizona
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Debut 14th November 2006 (xWo)
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Alexander Putski (born October 4, 1979), is a professional wrestler born in St. Petersberg, Russia, performing under the ring name of Alexander Putrid, or Putrid for short. He is currently working for Xtreme Wrestling Organisation, on its Revenge brand.


Alexander has always been a man of mystery, with very little past life revealed. No family details of any kind have been released, nor have any details regarding who he is. There has been however, hints of what his past may have entailed. Thanks to a disturbing flash back of a one Mephisto, Alexander was seen being tortured in Castrato Corp's Engineering Centre, a building known to many as the source of Mephisto's nightmarish tales. It isn't known if they are related, or even knew each other, but it is confirmed that Alexander was involved with Castrato Corp in some way. Other than that, he is virtually none existent in the history books.

But, since the new year of 2007, Alexander has emerged seemingly out of the shadows. It could be a good while before we get the whole story to this mysterious newcomer, but you can bank on it that a lot of innocent victims will fall before we find out just what this man is hiding.

Putrid is a homosexual.

Colby Henderson fucking owns him!


Finishing Moves

  • Putridity - 450° Splash
  • Putrefaction - Outward Rolling Cutter

Signature Moves

  • Welcome to Purgatory – Sitout Argentine Backbreaker
  • Noxious - Chicken-Wing Piledriver
  • S.L.U.T - Charging High Knee
  • Sinister Kick – Flying Thrust Kick
  • Rancid Ride - Shoulder Neckbreaker
  • Poetry In Motion - Corkscrew Dropkick
  • Black Cloud - Second Rope Somersault Leg Drop


  • "Mister Sinister"
  • "The Feeder Of Hell"


  • Putrid is yet to be pinned or made to submit in the xWo, thus making him unbeaten.
  • Putrid and Mephisto (Roses of Putridity) are yet to lose, both in singles competition, and as a team.

Theme Music

  • "Twisted Transistor" KoRn

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