Alexander T. Monroe is an American professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling. He made his debut on the April 22nd edition of PrYde Vindication, defeating Benz.

Alexander Theodore Monroe
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Height 6'4"
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PrYde Wrestling
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Background Information

Ever since he was a young child, Alexander T. Monroe knew it was his call to become a professional wrestler. He has trained all around the world with some of the best in the business, from Ric Flair to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat to Japanese great Tatsumi Fujinami. He understands the in and outs of the ropes and the moves needed to get the job done. However, if you piss him off and you better run. He is known to get violent and extreme. He is also brash and cocky, but unlike many who talk a lot, he can back it up. Now Young has a mission. That mission is to take the PrYde singles ranks by storm and win singles gold, cementing his name in wrestling history in the process.

PrYde Wrestling

Monroe signed with PrYde on April 8, 2008. He made his debut on the April 22nd edition of PrYde Vindication. He successfully defeated Benz after hitting the "Well Rounded" moonsault fall away slam.

After his successful debut, Monroe was given the opportunity to get his hands on his first championship in PrYde. He defeated newcomer Jamal Carter on the May 6 edition of Vindication and got a shot at the PrYde Independent Championship. Unfortunately, Monroe was unable to defeat Havok for the championship, but vowed revenge.

The following week, Monroe would bounce back with an impressive victory over PrYde's longest reigning Evolution Champion, Mighty Mick. After defeating the former Evolution Champion, Monroe's name was thrown in to compete in the PrYde Tournament to crown a new Evolution Champion after Steven Jones was stripped of the title. His first round match up would be against the newcomer, BloodSucker, with the winner moving on to face two other men in a triple threat match.

Championships and accomplishments


Finishing and signature moves

  • Blood Rush Crush - (Orange Crush - invented by Kenta Kobashi)
  • Well Rounded - (Moonsault Fall Away Slam)
  • Silent Suffocation - (Koji Clutch)
  • Back Track - (Lightening Spiral)

Entrance Music

  • PrYde - "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor

Pro Wrestling record

3-2 (wins-losses)
Result Opponent Event Title Date Title Match Type
Loss BloodSucker PrYde Vindication June 12, 2008 PrYde Evolution Championship Tournament Singles
Win Mighty Mick PrYde Vindication May 29, 2008 None Singles
Loss Nathaniel Havok PrYde Vindication May 20, 2008 PrYde Independent Championship Singles
Win Jamal Carter PrYde Vindication May 6, 2008 #1 Contender for Independent Title Singles
Win Benz PrYde Vindication April 22, 2008 None Singles

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