[[Image:|px|Image of Pyro]]
Real name Alexandria Kruger-Pierce
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Height 5'8
Date of birth July 20th 1985
Place of birth Topeka,KS
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Topeka,KS
Billed from Topeka,KS
Trainer Terry "Sonic" Pierce
Handled by
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Debut January 21, 2006
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Alexandria "Pyro" Kruger-Pierce is currently employed by OUW (One Up Wrestling) with Terry "Sonic" Pierce

Personal Info

Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Skin Type: Semi-Tan (Caucasian)
Eye Color: Deep Green
Hair: Long black hair

Alexandria Kruger grew up in Topeka with her mother and father.


  • Hardcore Queen

Signature Moves

None at the moment


OUW History

Alexandria was working at a clothing store when she saw an OUW Big Rig coming into her town for a house show. Then she saw a man coming in. She saw Sonic and instantly fell in love with him. She fully met him at a house show,declaring that she was Sonic's biggest fan. She started following Sonic around as he "tried" to get away from her. On one January night,Sonic decided to give up and accept Alexandria in his life,which she loved most of all. She started Dating Sonic in late January 2006. She was kidnapped during the month of April by Dark. She was reunited with Sonic by late April after his match with Dark. She married Sonic one week later and changed her name to Alexandria Kruger-Pierce. Alexandria wanted more than just be the manager to Sonic,so she went up to then-GM Plat. Plat then hired her and she took on the name Pyro.

OUW's Rebirth

Noteable OUW Accomplishments

  • OUW FTR Champion(1)
  • First OUWoman
  • First OUWoman/Woman to win a Male's OUW Title
  • First OUWoman/Woman to win the OUW FTR Title


  • Sonic Stunner
  • Deadly Kiss(no longer in use)

OUW FTR Championship Reign (1)

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
The Outcast
Succeeded by:
Rachel Watts

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