Alexia Valentine (born July 4, 1960) is an American-Born Commissioner in Ultimate Wrestling Association and a council member in Pro Wrestling Council.

Alexia Valentine
Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 5'8"
Weight 175 Ibs.
Date of birth July 4, 1960
Place of birth Seattle, WA USA
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Resides Seattle, WA USA
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Ultimate Wrestling Association, Pro Wrestling Council
Classic Washington Wrestling
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Debut March 5. 2008
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Early life

Alexia Valentine always had a soft sport for wrestling since her father and grandfathers were old promoters, and has learned the wrestling business. She heard about the opening of PWC and UWA. She signed up and is fully in charge of the day to day operations of PWC:UWA, as well as sits on the PWC Council.

Breaking Into The Business

Because her father and grandfathers were both Wrestling Promoters in the Seattle Area, she picked up the business from them, as well as Don Owens, at the time Owner of NWA: Portland. Having one brother who would win Bronze in the 1974 Olympics for Wrestling, she would also pick up bits from the wrestling end as well.

Classic Washington Wrestling

The Tradition of Classic Washington Wrestling Classic has been in her family since 1940. Every month (until CWW closed its doors in 1988) CWW would present the best shows with the best talent in the Northeastern United States and Western Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska.

During this time peroid Alexia would talk with the wrestlers, learn some of their skills. She would never be allowed to become a professional wreslter herself. During the (at the time) WWFs rising to a national business, CWW would go through some territorial downsizing. However, Alexia would continue to run CWCW as a territory in the North East.

Death of Classic Washington Wrestling

During the mid eighties, Hulk Hogan become a household name, which meant smaller territories would become less known. With the aid of Legends such as Roddy Piper and Don Owens, and young talent like the Rock 'N' Roll Express and her brother leading the charge, WWF would prove to be too much of a commidity. In December 1988, the forty eight year tradition of CWW would close its doors, one last time.

Dissappearaning from Wrestling

After the closing of CWW, Alexia would fade in and out of the wrestling business. She would sporadically appear at local promotions against WWF, and several times make appearances on World Championship Wrestling. But the death of her promotion and family would be the end of her wrestling stint.

Returning to Wrestling

After years of inconsistent work on the Indiependent Scene. Alexia decided to give up, however an idea came to her after hearing that many wrestlers on the Indiependant E-Fedding scene are unhappy either with their promotion or the way the promotion is going. She decided to contact several people, and in time. The Pro Wrestling Council would be born. Once the stage was set, she went forth to contract stars on the E-Fedding scene.

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