Alice Wilson is a new English professional wrestler working for independent promotions all over the world. Alice is best known for her seductive intergender wrestling.

Alice Wilson
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Alice Wilson
Height 5ft 9in
Weight Unknown
Date of birth 21st April, 1983
Place of birth Moscow, Russia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides London, England
Billed from London, England
Trainer Self-Trained
Handled by Alice Wilkes
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut May 2007

Wrestling facts

Finishing moves

  • Magnum Opus - (Diving Elbow Drop)
  • Uh-Merica - (Low Blow followed by Chokeslam)

Signature moves

  • Summer In The City (Cleavage Choke)
  • Bitch Slap
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Aprés Moi (Camel Clutch)
  • Diving Bare-footed double foot stomp
  • Kiss It Better (Sitout Facebuster)
  • Corner Foot Choke

She has also been known on occasion to perform a stinkface (which she calls 'ode to divorce') or a bronco buster (which she calls 'love affair') on a defeated opponent.

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