The All Out War Match is a professional wrestling match used in the Fearless Championship Wrestling.


The All Out War Match is a variation of a ladder match in which the standard wrestling ring ropes are replaced, one side does remain as standard wrestling ring ropes, the other three sides are changed, one side becomes barbed wire, one side becomes chains and the last side becomes a string of light tubes.

On the outside of the ring there is a four foot high log cabin made of light tubes on the side of the color commentators. On the outside of the ring there is also a wooden pit with a sheet of plate glass over it, inside the pit there is thumbtacks and broken glass, this is on the entrance ramp side of the ring. On the other two sides of the ring there are four tables stacked up and lined with light tubes on one side and the other side there is another wooden pit but this one is lined with barbed wire.

Previous Matches

Previous Match Outcomes

  • Cavanagh, the newly crowned FcW World Heavyweight Champion retained his championship against Anarchy where Anarchy was forced to retire after the match-up.
  • The first match caused Anarchy to leave FcW.


  • This match was created by Anarchy and has been adopted as an FcW Match Up.

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