Altered Reality III
Promotion Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
Brands Schizophrenia
Date November 1, 2006
Venue The Superdome
City Flag of the United States New Orleans, Louisiana
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Altered Reality III was the biggest e-wrestling pay-per-view of 2006 for Lords of Pain Wrestling (then known as the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance). The annual event took place at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 1, 2006.

The pay-per-view showcased the federation's two brands, Schizophrenia and Pyromania, battling against each other in a series of matches to determine who was the superior brand. The main event was headlined by each brand's World champion fighting the other for the Martinez Cup, the highest accomplishment to achieve in the promotion.



The previous year at Altered Reality II, Schizophrenia was just one match short of sweeping Pyromania in the cross-brand extravaganza. Since that time, Pyromania had grown by leaps and bounds. Under the leadership of the mega-popular Jaro, who reigned as the brand's International Heavyweight Champion, Pyromania pledged to unite and defeat its Schizophrenia counterpart for ultimate bragging rights at the cross-brand pay-per-view. Jaro was set to face Pen, Schizo's newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, for the second-ever Martinez Cup and for Pen's World title as Jaro's reward for winning the 2005 Owner's Cup.

Days before the pay-per-view however, PWA owner Villiano 187 fired Jaro, Robb Larsen, and Showstoppa due to their solicitation of PWA talent for the upstart Full Metal Wrestling promotion. As a result, Jaro was immediately stripped of his title, thus leaving the Martinez Cup in jeopardy. The decision was made by PWA management to appoint D. Hammond Samuels as the new International Heavyweight Champion (who had recently lost Schizo’s World Heavyweight Championship to Pen at Schizos Wild). To further add to the pre-match drama, Pen later announced that he would be retiring after the PPV and would vacate the World title.


Martinez Cup Pen

Pen's 2006 Martinez Cup

After all the hoopla surrounding the event had ended, Pen and D. Hammond Samuels finally squared off in the Altered Reality III main event with the Martinez Cup hanging in the balance. After a back-and-forth match, Pen was able to hit the Point Blank Drop and pinned Ham for a second straight time to win the Martinez Cup. In a scenario that could only be dreamed of, Pen would go into retirement holding the World Championship and Martinez Cup, the two richest prizes in PWA history.

In other noteworthy matches, cYnical (Pyromania’s Western States Heritage Champion) defeated The Rabbi (Schizo’s United States Champion) in a Passover Match to determine who was the better mid-card champion. With blood pouring out of both competitors, cYnical won the match after swiping all four turnbuckles with Rabbi’s blood.

Also in action, Wevv Mang defeated Sheepster in the finals of the 2006 Owner's Cup tournament. For winning, Mang was awarded a future World title shot at a time of his choosing.

In the Schizo versus Pyro tag-team elimination matches, Schizo was victorious in two of the three matches. In the night's opening contest, Pyro’s Team N’itomniskittel defeated The Misfits with Krimson Mask as the sole survivor. Schizo’s Team SoL defeated Team Morpheus with Sick Fixx remaining as the last man standing. In the most controversial ending of the night, Schizo’s Team Al defeated Team Zuma after Al pinned Zuma. But Al didn’t look like the sole survivor after Zuma stabbed his own brother during the post-match celebration.

After all the dust had cleared, Schizophrenia and Pyromania ended in cross-brand tie, winning four matches apiece. But brand pride wouldn't mean much for long. In an announcement that would alter everyone's reality, management announced that the entire roster would be re-drafted at the next PWA event, Homecoming.


# Matches Stipulations Notes
1 Team N'itomniskittel (N'itomniskittel, Retribution, Cyrus, and Krimson Mask) defeated The Misfits (Headbanger, Trey Spruance, Edible, and TJ Rage) Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania 4-on-4 Tag Team Elimination match Order of elimination:
  • Krimson Mask forced Rage to submit to a bearhug
  • Cyrus pinned Edible after the Lights Out
  • Spruance pinned Cyrus after a double-arm DDT
  • Retribution pinned Spruance after hitting him with brass knucks
  • Headbanger forced Retribution to submit to a chokehold
  • Headbanger pinned N'itomniskittel after a top rope Wicked DDT
  • Krimson Mask forced Headbanger to pass out from the Bloodklot

Krimson Mask was the sole survivor

2 Wevv Mang defeated Sheepster Finals of 2006 Owner's Cup Mang pinned Sheepster after he passed out in The Champions Lock figure-four. Mang was awarded a future World title shot.
3 King NPD defeated "Sick" Nick Ladder match NPD grabbed the suspended contract for future World title shot
4 Team Al (Al, Robert Lillehammer, Random, and Eddie Hooper) defeated Team Zuma (Zuma, Sheepster, Styxx, and Tromboner Man) Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania 4-on-4 Tag Team Elimination match Order of elimination:
  • Tromboner Man pinned Hooper after Lillehammer pushed him off the top rope
  • Random and Styxx were eliminated by count-out
  • Lillehammer pinned Sheepster after hitting him with a Singapore cane
  • Tromboner Man pinned Lillehammer after Zuma hit him with a top rope heel kick
  • Al pinned Tromboner Man after the Crack, Snapple, Pop
  • Al pinned Zuma after cracking him in the face with a Singapore cane

Al was the sole survivor. After the match, Zuma stabbed Al (his brother) with a knife

5 Public Enemy #1 (Damion Kross and The Rik) defeated The Sublime and Sockoman, The Syndicate (Stallion and Blackwell), SamYi Song and SFS, and The Payroll (Bobino and Dalby Sound) Tag Team Turmoil match Order of elimination:
  • SamYi Song and SFS eliminated The Payroll when SamYi pinned Bobino with a roll-up
  • The Sublime and Sockoman eliminated SamYi & SFS when Sublime pinned SFS with a roll-up
  • The Sublime and Sockoman defeated The Syndicate when Sublime pinned Stallion after a Burning Shore Driver
  • Public Enemy #1 defeated The Sublime and Sockoman when The Rik pinned Sockoman with a roll-up

Public Enemy #1 was awarded a future Tag Team Championship match

6 Villiano 187 and Cher defeated Wevv Mang and Lou Tag Team match for Control of PWA Villiano pinned Lou when he laid down for him
7 Team SoL (SoL, White Falcon, Sick Fixx, and X) defeated Team Morpheus (Morpheus, Bloodrose, Spectre, and Soul Reaper) Schizophrenia vs. Pyromania 4-on-4 Tag Team Elimination match Order of elimination:
  • SoL pinned Reaper after a double-team spike piledriver with Fixx
  • Falcon pinned Morpheus after The Witnesses hit the Leap of Faith
  • Bloodrose pinned Falcon after the Bloodrose Thorn
  • Spectre pinned SoL after the Spectacle
  • X pinned Spectre after an X-Bomb
  • Bloodrose pinned X after a moonsault
  • Fixx pinned Bloodrose with a roll-up

Sick Fixx was the sole survivor

8 Pen (PWA World Heavyweight Champion) defeated D. Hammond Samuels (PWA International Heavyweight Champion) Martinez Cup match Pen pinned Samuels after the Point Blank Drop

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