Real name Amelia Maria Tschudi
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Height 5'7
Weight 117 lbs.
Date of birth October 21, 1981
Place of birth Bern, Switzerland Flag of Switzerland
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Braddock, TX Flag of the United States
Billed from Miami, FL Flag of the United States
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Debut 1997
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Amelia (born Amelia Maria Tschudi on October 21, 1981) is a Swiss professional wrestling manager currently working for the WNWA. She is currently holder of the WNWA Women's Championship.


Amelia Tschudi was born in Bern, Switzerland to an investment banker father and an innkeeper mother. Amelia was a standout student and amateur tennis player and attended some of the finest prep schools in the nation. While attending school she met Christopher Hammond. The two began a courtship that eventually led them to the United States where they joined the WNWA as Prince Charming and Emily. These early years in the WNWA were filled with pain, losses, and self-doubt, but by 2000, Prince Charming had honed his skills as one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the world and Emily changed her stage name to her real name: Amelia. Around this same time the duo became involved in Pike's Blood Cult with Baron Samedi, Leah, and Bishop Beiler.

In 2006 Amelia became the object of desire of an insane Tony "Fat Boy" Fanuci. The obese madman sexually harassed her constantly and finally kidnapped and attempted to sexually assault her. Thankfully his stomach was so large and hung so low and his penis was so small that he was unable to commit the heinous act. Amelia was finally rescued by Prince Charming and Pike and Fanuci was left comatose after being struck by a tour bus in Strasburg, PA.

In late 2006, Prince Charming suffered a broken sternum and lost his Mid-Western Heavyweight title at the hands of Fanuci's friend fATAS and missed several weeks of action. Amelia and Charming then sued fATAS and the WNWA causing J.R. Ewing to suspend Charming. Charming interfered in several matches and finally shot fATAS on the March 13, 2007 episode of WNWA Wrestling. fATAS was unharmed in the incident. Ewing then had Charming committed to a sanitarium.

On the February 2, 2008 event Libapalooza—Amelia became the WNWA Women's Champion defeating the Champion Tony Fanuci in a squash match.

Personal Life and views

  • Amelia seems indifferent to the vampirism and voodoo espoused by other members of the Blood Cult.


  • Amelia once considered a professional tennis career, but chose against it after suffering a fractured ankle at the age of 12.


$51,232 per year.