Americana is the July pay-per-view for the Championship Wrestling Federation, and the third pay-per-view in CWF history. Updates will be edited in as soon as possible.

Americana 2007 Results

  • At the beginning of the event it was announced Dane West would not be competing in the main event due to an injury.

Match #1 - Money in the Bank Match

Evildoer vs. John Selby vs. "The Android" Johnathan Doberman vs. Matt Frazier vs. Judgment

  • Johnathan Doberman retrieved the briefcase from above the ring to win the match and secure a CWF title shot in the future.

Match #2 - Federation vs. Job - Hell in a Cell

Anthony Romeri vs. Mr. Demonical

  • Anthony Romeri pinned Mr. Demonical to regain control of the company after delivering a logic defying big splash off the top of the cage, crushing the younger superstar. Both men received medical treatment after the match.

Match #3 - CWF Global Championship The Boss © vs. Nabeel Nawaz

  • The Boss pinned Nabeel after a Boss Breaker to retain his Global Championship title.

Match #4 - X-Filth

Devlyn Michaels vs. The Janitor

  • The Janitor defeated Devlyn Michaels after hitting the Mop Drop on Michaels, he fell shortly there after into the tub of mop water below the structure on which the match took place. After the match Discyple ran out and confronted Janitor and as subsequently hit over the head by Janitor with a mop and stunned before being thrown into the tank of filth with his master.

Match #5 - CWF Television Championship

VND © vs. Mental Jack

  • Mental Jack defeated VND to become the new Television Champion using a roll up following a low blow.

Match #6 - CWF Heavyweight Championship - Extreme Rules

Asylum © vs. Sergeant Eversmann

  • Asylum defeated Eversmann to retain his CWF title after hitting the Near Death Experience on Eversmann. After the match Eversmann needed emdical assistance.
  • Despite being announced as "injured" Dane West appeared in the middle of the match assaulting both men before being fended off by Asylum who proceeded to legitimately injure Dane, causing him to miss two weeks of action.

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