Amy Chen

Olive Japan: FWA's Amy Chen

Real Name 陈爱美 (Chen Eimei)
Ring Name(s)Amy Chen
Previous Ring Name(s)Athena, etc.
NicknamesHong Kong Spitfire
Height5 ft 2 in
Weight99 lbs
BornSeptember 13, 1988
HometownSuzhou, Anhui Province, China
TrainerHo Yin Long
DebutOJ-FWA: June 24, 2006
Entrance ThemeHoney Honey - Kelly Chen

Amy Chen is a Chinese born professional wrestler. She was a former stuntwoman on various Hong Kong action movies. She now works for Olive Japan: FWA.

Signature & finishing moves

  • Finishing moves
    Enzuigiri (sometimes Gamengiri, if the situation is right)
  • Signature moves
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Rolling Cradle Hold


Born in the poor village of Suzhou in Anhui Province, there was little to predict Amy's future in pro-wrestling. Throughout elementary school and junior high, she became an active member of the local Kung-Fu dojo. Through his own hard work, her father was able to pay for her college education in Beijing.

As a Stuntwoman

After college, she happened upon an advertisement in a national newspaper advertising a position as a consultant for upcoming martial arts film projects in Hong Kong. Considering the time she spent studying Kung-Fu, she considered it an excellent use of her talents. She eventually worked her way to actively working on the films physically as a stuntwoman, being featured in such films as "Wheeled Meals" and "Shanghai Sheena."

As a Pro-wrestler

During the shooting of one of these films, she caught the eye of kung-fu/pro-wrestling star Ho Yin Long. He took her under his wing and trained her in wrestling and how to incorporate her Kung-Fu skills into her style, just as he had done in the past. After about 2 months, had a short stint in the then New Olive Japan playing fighting game characters in special attraction matches. After a near career-ending neck injury, she decided to tone her style down, and then briefly retire from the business.

Olive Japan: FWA

Another three years later, she received a call from former employer John "©" McKay and was informed of the merger. She also was invited to return to the company as herself. After some time, she agreed and made her return at OJ-FWA's first show, OJ-FWA - FIRST - where she battled newcomer Liliana, where she picked up the win. However, the match was notorious for leaving a bad taste in the mouth of OJ-FWA co-founder Reiko Hikawa.

Saturday Night Fights Situation

She was scheduled immediately to face Liliana again at the Hammerstein Ballroom event, Saturday Night Fights. It was the first match on the card. Both women trained extensively in preparation for their match.

However, an attempt at a suicida-style Shooting Star Press off the top rope to the floor of the arena ended badly when Liliana rolled and Chen's face bounced off the ground. She was able to continue the match for a while. But she began to lose track of where she was. Liliana mercifully ended the match.

She was immediately taken to the hospital. Tests done on her showed severe whiplash and a minor concussion. She will be out for some time and will miss Yuuki Matsuri.

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