To what is known, Amy Dumas' story started in the RWA. She came into the RWA sometime in 2000, along with the Hardy Boyz, Amy (known primary as one of her alter-ego's Lita) and the Hardyz made the famed "Team Xtreme". In a federation that had it's fair share of stables, Team Xtreme was one of the better ones. Amy won the women's title an undisclosed amount of times and actually was the only woman entered into the RWA-WWF's Royal Rumble in 2001. While this was going on, Amy also worked for another federation known as DeWf (EMF HOFer Primetime's federation by the way) and won the women's title there as well. It would seem that the Hardyz and Lita (Amy) were going to be a force for a very long time in the RWA-WWF. But that all changed after Amy was lured to the RWA-WCW. Though she would have her fair share of success there too as another alter-ego..Angelica Boycott, but regardless of that her life was about to change. Through a connection to the stable known as the Corporate Hitmen she met Chris Jericho, and feelings between her and the Corporate Hitmen member developed. RWA-WCW soon died, her and Jericho were big name free agents and were quickly signed by the RWA-WWF. But for Amy things had changed, Matt and Jeff Hardy who had stayed in the RWA-WWF had long since gone their separate ways and now where enjoying single success as the IC (Matt) and World champion (Jeff) respectively. Not only that, they both now had a hate for their former valet. Jeff's hate most likely guided by Amy's long time rival Sunny, who Jeff was going out with. Matt at the time was showing a much darker side of himself, and hated anyone...especially his brother. It was around that time Amy decided that she needed some backing, and she knew someone for the job. In a promo for her match at WWF Judgment Day 2001 she publically offered her managing services to the RWA-WWF hardcore champion Chris Jericho. People were still somewhat in the dark on what was forming between the two, but she jokingly said that the reason was because "Jericho's one sexy Canadian" and then added "just kidding, what can I say I'm a Jerichohalic" (we found out how much of a joke that was, haha). But in a twist of fate, the two never got to reek havoc in the RWA as finally the whole RWA-WWF died. Now after this both Jericho and Dumas got together and came up with the plan to invade the EMF. Amy would say later that she went with Jericho because it was for the RWA, but in all reality, she also just wanted to get closer to him. But there was a problem after the Other World invaded the Extreme Measures Federation. There was another Amy Dumas in the EMF, you see through a theory that Jericho had explained known as the Other World theory. Every federation has their different versions of certain people, Amy just so happened to walk in when there was another Amy Dumas already in the EMF. So Amy had to lay low for a while as her alter-ego Angelica Boycott as Jericho made sure that no one found out her true identity. Around this time, Jericho knowing the EMF's rules against having two versions in the EMF at the same time decided to use this against Prez Mike to make sure that this little slip up didn't become public. Jericho and Amy were able to get agreements that allowed them to be around the EMF without being thrown out, and after the other Amy was out of the way. It was also used for Amy's rise to the Vice Presidents office in the Extreme Measures Federation. After some events, Amy went about her job as Vice President in the EMF...and finally everything was peaceful until Sierra decided to stick her nose where it didn't belong. At this point, Jericho and Amy's feelings for each other were getting very, very obvious and Sierra decided to use this to get on Amy's nerves. It would bring out a chain events that would get her fired from the VP office, rehired after Jericho won her job back, kidnapped by Gene Snitsky. But at the end, she and Jericho were able to finally show their true feelings for each other.... (under construction, more to be added)

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