TLC Edge 0

The Tools of the Trade Ready for an Animals Rules Match

What is an Animal's rules match? It's pretty simple really. Bit of a cross between and table and a ladder match I guess. How do you win? You need to put your opponent through a table from the top of a ladder. You can do that with ever a high flying move with your opponent laid out on the table. Of you can drag your opponent up the ladder with you and hit a superplex or something along those lines from the top through a table.

- The Party Animal August 24th 2005

Match History

Wrestlers Event Date Winner
The Party Animal vs. Danger Liam The Main Event September 4, 2005 The Party Animal
The Party Animal vs. Reich Hallowe'en Havoc October 29, 2006 Reich
The Animal vs Danger Liam Aggression May 5, 2008 Danger Liam

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