This is a list of annual awards won in the Lock Wrestling Federation, as voted on by the general membership. Every active member of LWF is given one vote in each category.


Individual Awards

Award 2001 2002 2003 2004 2008 2009
Overall PromosPhoenixPhoenixPhoenixFearDiabloPsiko
Face PromosPhoenixArelasAlan FernandezTriple MColby ColtPsiko
Heel PromosXecutionerPhoenixTriple MPsikoDarius JermaineDonovan Hastings
Most Valued PosterPhoenixPhoenixArelasFearDiabloPsiko
CharacterPhoenixAlan FernandezPhoenixRuff RabbiTriple PPsiko
NewcomerArelasTriple MNomadLone WolfDarius JermaineDerick Felix
UnderratedFlame DemonRuff RabbiPsikoFearTravis PierceTravis Pierce
Most ImprovedN/AEmperorFearRed FusionJohn RussoDonovan Hastings
FunniestN/AFearArelasLockTriple PTravis Pierce
Favorite CharacterN/AN/AN/AFearAlan FernandezPsiko

Additional Awards

Best Match

  • 2001 - Two Fall Fatal Fourway: Crow versus Phoenix versus TMA versus Xecutioner (Warzone, September 3)
  • 2002 - LWF Title Match: Phoenix (c) versus Arelas versus CoolJ versus Crow versus Psiko versus Xecutioner (Maul)
  • 2003 - "I Quit" Match: Phoenix versus Triple M (Meltdown)
  • 2004 - Elimination Chamber Match (Meltdown)
  • 2009 - Inferno Pit Match: Alan Fernandez versus Phoenix (Vengeance)

Best Feud

  • 2002 - Arelas versus Robert Ooley
  • 2003 - Alan Fernandez versus Fear
  • 2004 - Fear versus Triple M
  • 2008 - Jake White versus Travis Pierce
  • 2009 - Alan Fernandez versus Phoenix

Best Pay-Per-View

Best Television Show

Most Shocking Moment

  • 2001 - Iceman defeats Lock in a Loser Leaves LWF Match
  • 2002 - Phoenix turns heel
  • 2003 - The return of Alan Fernandez and Psiko
  • 2004 - Ruff Rabbi wins the World Title
  • 2008 - Lone Wolf betrays Legacy
  • 2009 - Arelas wins the World Title at Lockmania


In 2008, Firestar was selected the Best Support Character and Creative Control was selected as Best Tag Team.

In 2009, Covert Jay was selected the Best Support Character and the Lunatic Fringe was selected as Best Tag Team.


At the end of each year, all members of LWF are ranked by an objective formula that takes into account wins, participation, championships won, and various performance bonuses.

Singles Rankings

Rank 2001 2002 2003 2004 2008 2009
1.PhoenixArelasTriple MPsikoDiabloPsiko
2.TMAAlan FernandezIcemanTriple MDarius JermaineDonovan Hastings
3.CoolJRobert OoleyArelasFearArelasJohn Russo
4.IcemanPhoenixPhoenixRuff RabbiPsikoDiablo
5.CrowCoolJEmperorRed FusionTriple MPhoenix
6.LockPsikoCoolJLone WolfColby ColtLone Wolf
7.TherionIcemanLockArelasLone WolfTravis Pierce
8.Robert OoleyFlame DemonAlan FernandezPhoenixChance ChesneyDerick Felix
9.XecutionerCrowDiabloDr. KJohn RussoArelas
10.Sgt. SavageFearFearEmperorDonovan HastingsRed Fusion

Tag Team Rankings

Rank 2001 2002 2003 2004 2008 2009
1.The Puppet MastersThe Puppet MastersThe FollowingThe New BloodThe Lords of PainThe Lunatic Fringe
2.The Ghetto BoyzFreak Show CentralThe TechniciansThe ImperialistsThe Unholy HierarchyThe Confederate Truth
3.Fire and BrimstoneThe People's AllianceFire and IceDWOLunacy in MotionThe Young Guns
4.Team FutureWinged OnesCoolJ/LockEvil DreamsLegacyThe Brick City Boyz
5.Team ObliterationFire and IceAngelic DevilsImperial TechniciansCreative ControlRoyal Pain

Mid-Year Awards

Beginning in 2008, Mid-Year Awards were also presented in June. Winners of Mid-Year Awards are automatically nominated for the year end version of the same award. Not all awards are given mid-year.

Best Overall

Best Face

Best Heel

Most Valuable Promoer

Best Character

Best Newcomer

Best Match

Best Feud

LWF Achievements
Annual AwardsBig ThreeGrand SlamTriple Crown

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